Wireless Dog Fences

In case your city does not allow you to develop a solid dog fence, or else you simply do not need to set up something which will obstruct the view of your house, a wireless dog fence may be the perfect solution for you personally. Also called an invisible dog fence, it can help you train your pet to stay inside the boundaries you set for him by making him uncomfortable when he tries to go beyond the designated area.

They’re indeed faster to set up than the usual traditional underground pet fence since there are no wires to bury or affix to any fixed objects. To program your WiFi wireless dog fence, you place the wireless dog fence transmitter in the house, walk your dog fence receiver out to the outer perimeter boundary you desire, return to the bottom unit and save your valuable settings. That does sound pretty easy right? “Easy” I’ve discovered is really a relative thing when it comes to new technology.

If everything goes well during set up… yes it is not difficult. Setting up home computer wireless router was said to be relatively simple in concept too, but it took a little trial and error, some “trouble shooting” guide reading, and system reloading to have it to operate consistently. My Vonage internet phone set up was easy theoretically if all went well too, but it took a couple of attempts but still even today (for whatever reason) I need to reboot the system to have it up and running again or I don’t have proper service. My wired electronic dog fence? …I simply plugged it in and started training the dogs.

A radio dog fence works inside a technical way called static simulation training. You determine the boundaries by installing the wire underground. After the wire is installed, you will make your pet wear a special collar which will deliver a tone along with a mild static shock to him whenever he attempts to exceed the boundaries. The mild shock may be compared with the kind of shock you have when you rub your socks against the carpet and then hold something metallic. The shock is recognized as humane and usually not harmful.