Waterproof Dog Beds

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, and this is a reflection of the total dedication and loyalty that a dog will exhibit towards their family and master. Unwavering in their support, obedient in their duties, and providing unconditional love, they really are the best creation.

It is imperative that we do our part to look after and care for our canine friends to keep them in good health and in comfort. One way we can do this is by purchasing waterproof dog beds, which are as comfortable as they are practical.

Young puppies that are not yet house trained may end up wetting their bed, so using waterproof dog beds will ensure that all you need to do is wash the beds to make sure that it is fit for use. The issue of bed wetting is often attributed to young, energetic puppies, but in reality older dogs can also succumb to bed wetting.

This maybe a result of anxiety (sometimes dogs will actually urinate as a comfort mechanism as it allows them to explicitly mark their territory which is crucial for their mental health) or as a result of pregnancy: whenever a dog gives birth, her pelvic muscles will be weakened. As a result, simple activities such as barking, coughing or even standing up can cause the expulsion of urine.

Dogs are outdoor creatures by heart, and irrespective of the weather, they love to be out and about ready to play. Outdoor dog beds are great for all weather conditions. Having waterproof dog beds means that your beloved pet can come inside even when they are dripping wet and have a comfortable place for them to catch their breath. This also means that they will not be tempted to lie up on your expensive furniture! It can be a good idea to have two beds. A memory foam dog bed for most occasions, and outdoor dog beds for bad weather conditions.

As any dog owner will be quick to point out, bath time is not a dog’s favorite activity, and so you need to be well prepared for your dog jumping out the bathtub with the lightning reflexes of a cat before you even conclude the routine. Where is the dog likely to go? To a place they feel comfortable with, their bed. Waterproof dog beds will ensure that if your pet does decide to run whenever it is bath time, they do not make too much of a mess.

Another great benefit of waterproof dog beds is the material used to create them. Not only is it waterproof, but it is extremely durable as well. This means that even if your dog decides to use their bed as a makeshift punching bag or scratching post, the bed will not become destroyed. There are a wide variety of these beds available online, so take time to browse through the many selections. A memory foam dog bed and many other kinds are also available.