URGENT: Some Peanut Butter Brands Are Deadly For Dogs

RadioFence.com reports that some peanut butter brands contain Xylitol which is poisonous to dogsIf dogs could talk, I’d imagine that most of them would say they’ve tried peanut butter before – and loved it of course! Whether their human used it to hide a pill, let them lick the spoon, or gave them a dollop to witness how funny it is when it gets stuck to their tongues. Peanut butter has kind of always been associated as a healthy treat for our dogs to indulge in. 

But what happens when the manufacturers change the recipe? Would they tell us? And do we always read the food label on the jar without fail before giving our dogs a taste? If you’ve been buying the same brand of peanut butter for many years the answer is probably no. You may think you know what ingredients are in your favorite peanut butter, because there’s no way it’s changed since you started buying it…right?

Wrong! Some peanut butter manufacturers have added xylitol to their ingredients! Why are they adding xylitol? Because they’re trying to lower the calorie count while still preserving the sweet flavor. Xylitol is a sugar substitute that you see most commonly in candy, desert, and especially gum. It’s even hidden in some vitamin supplements and medications. It’s a relatively newer ingredient in food items that is extremely poisonous to dogs, so we have to start being extra careful to read labels before feeding our dogs any human food. 

Nuts N More Contains Xylitol which is toxic to dogsNuts ‘N More, P28, and Krush Nutrition: Nutty By Nature brand peanut butters all contain xylitol. However, these are not necessarily the ONLY brands that contain xylitol, which means it is up to you to check the ingredients in the brand you are purchasing before you feed it to your dog. According to Dr. Kathryn Primm, dogs can’t properly process xylitol the way humans do, so it causes a drop in blood sugar and liver damage that are both life-threatening. Dogs that are poisoned with xylitol will stagger when they walk and collapse. If your dog is poisoned, it is critical that she is rushed to the vet. 

Most of the peanut butter brands that contain xylitol are the ones sold in health food stores that specialize in vitamins. For now most, if not all of the big-brand peanut butters are safe and so are our dogs. We’ve used peanut butter to give our dogs medication countless times, and we also use it in some of our homemade dog treat recipes.

Jem and Laci love Smucker's Organic Peanut Butter! Only 2 ingredients: peanuts and less than 1% salt.

Jem and Laci love Smucker’s Organic Peanut Butter! Only 2 ingredients: peanuts and less than 1% salt.

 As for any food or treat you give your dog, it’s always vital that you check the ingredients list for anything that could be poisonous to her. Make it a habit to read every ingredient on the list, and if you ever see a word you don’t recognize ask your vet if it is safe for your dog to consume. There is a long list of human foods that are poison to dogs, and it’s important to have these printed out on the refrigerator or some place where family members and guests that may not have experience with dogs can view it to remind them of what is acceptable and unacceptable to share with your dog. 

Buddy loves the occasional tasty peanut butter treat!

Buddy loves the occasional tasty peanut butter treat!

Spreading the word about what is safe and unsafe for dogs to eat can save thousands of lives! Make sure your friends know the rules :) 

Has your dog ever eaten anything she wasn’t supposed to?


5 thoughts on “URGENT: Some Peanut Butter Brands Are Deadly For Dogs

  1. My owner Chris left a bag of Mini Musketeers out when I was about 2 years old.
    As I am a Great Dane I managed to pull the bag off the dining table, eat and swallow whole quite a lot of the Musketeers.
    Fortunately my Dad woke up and gave me a dose of peroxide, which made me sick but I threw up whole mini musketeers, plus the ones I ate, and no harm was done apart from passing Musketeer wrapper pieces for about three days.
    I am now 9 years old, grey in the face and a little better behaved!
    Smykal The GD.

  2. Aww Smykal! Sometimes chocolate is just too good to resist, even for the most well-behaved pups! Our doggy Zoey had the same problem with a bag of Dove chocolates. Unfortunately for her she had to take a trip to the vet. I was worried that she would have lasting problems/effects from the chocolate, but luckily the vet assured me that the only lasting effects would be “a dog with a strong affliction for chocolates!” She still loves the smell of them to this day and wishes she could have a taste! Thanks for sharing your story with us :) Zoey will be happy to know she’s not the only one!

  3. My dog had gotten a bag of chocolate bits. On the trip to the vet with my wife driving the dog stopped breathing and I franticly asked her what to do. The reply was mouth to nose resuscitation which I’d did while holding the mout,y closed. She started breathing again and after having her stomach pumped was fine, but also had a strong affinity for chocolate.

  4. Wow Dickson! That is such a gut-wrenching story that thankfully did not end tragically! Thank goodness you called the vet and were advised to give mouth to mouth and that your dog made a full recovery. I was really scared when I discovered that Zoey had eaten chocolate because I wasn’t home at the time, and I wasn’t sure how long it had been in her system for. She sort of pumped her own stomach to a certain extent, because I could tell she drank an excess of water in an attempt to encourage herself to vomit. There were 3 or 4 large piles of her water/chocolate vomit on the floor, so thankfully she threw up most of the chocolate before it could get into her system. They pumped her stomach as well just as a precaution… but we were so lucky just like you that it wasn’t any worse!

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