Ultralight Sonic Bark Collars

Most people think “shock” when they think of bark collars. But did you know that a well-timed tone can quiet your dog? The ultralight sonic bark collar from PetSafe is remarkably light at only one-ounce and it emits an unpleasant but harmless tone to gently correct your dog’s barking issues.

This collar has a cutting-edge bark-detecting microphone that can be adjusted to recognize your dog’s unique bark to make sure that no other sound can set off the collar. It is most effective when used on small dogs. And you can use your pet’s existing collar as it snaps right on.

It features a tone sounds when your dog barks, 2 levels of sound: high and low, manually adjustable, Sound sensor that detects your dog’s specific bark, and is very lightweight because it only weighs one-ounce. It does require a PetSafe® RFA-67 battery but it is included. 

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