Pet Doors For Big And Small Dogs

No matter the size of your dog has a number of pet doors that will work.

When it comes to helping your dog gain access outside your home we know that one size does not fit all. And that is why we provide a large selection of sizes and styles in our dog door department.

Many folks are often surprised at just how many options there are because they’ve just browsed what their local big box do it yourself store offers. There are options in sizes, climates, and door location.

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Pet Doors For Your Patio

It is easy to install pet doors on your patio’s sliding glass entryway with the Freedom Patio Panel.

These beautiful doors are design to keep heat and cold weather out by using a spring-loaded door that inserts into the frame of your sliding glass door and then you can adjust it to its proper height. Magnets keep a flap in place to prevent drafts from entering your home.

The panel can also be locked to keep your pet from either entering or leaving the house. And to make sure they are secure they have a reversible lock for left or right sliding doors.┬áThis panel fits door frame openings ranging from 76.75″ to 81″ for regular patio doors and are available in many colors to suit almost any home decor.

These doors have a strong aluminum construction and shatter-resistant, tempered safety glass. Click here to get one today.

Big And Small Pet Doors has pet doors for big and small animals so no matter the size of your critter you too can have the convenience of an entryway just for your beloved furry friend.

And just as not all animals are the same size not all needs of the owners are the same either. But don’t worry they have you covered. From extreme weather doors, electronic doors, and replacement parts you will find what you are looking for. And shipping on orders of $75 is free!

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Replacement Flaps For Pet Doors

Pet doors wear out over time and after a lot of use. But did you know you don’t need to replace the whole door? That you can get a replacement flap for many of the popular dog doors?

There are replacement flaps available for the Classic Pet Door, Deluxe Patio Panel Door, and the Wall Entry Pet Door. As you would expect they are soft, tinted vinyl, single flap with magnetic closure and come in four sizes; small – 5 3/8″ X 7 13/16″, medium – 8 3/8″ X 11 13/16″, large – 10 7/16″ X 15 7/8″, and extra large – 14″ X 23 3/4″.

So if your best friend’s entry to your home is seeming a bit worn and maybe letting in a draft as well as your pet click here for your replacement flap.

Pet Doors Make Life Easier

Pet doors can go along way in making your life easier. Ever feel like a doorman for your dog? Having to get up from the comfort of your recliner every time she needs to go outside? Thanks to great products like the PetSafe Freedom Pet Door you no longer have to do this.

It is very easy to install and made of solid aluminum with reinforced corners so you know it is tough and ready to handle even multiple dog homes. The flap is flexible, tinted, and can be adjusted. It seals via weather stripping and a magnetic flap closure system to keep it tight and keep your home comfortable.

It does include a panel so you can control your pet’s access to it. Click here to read more and order one for yourself.