Not All Dog Fences Are Created Equal

Protecting your beloved dog is an import role of any owner. That is why it is important that you know not all dog fences are created equal.

Different dogs have different needs Many people are faced with the challenge of a stubborn and hard to train animal. Thankfully there is the Stubborn Dog Wireless Collar that works with both the Stay + Play Wireless Fence and the Wireless Instant Dog Fence (But is not compatible with any in-ground fences).

This collar is rechargeable so there are no battery issues and it works with dogs over 5 pounds. It only takes 2 to 3 hours to get it back up to a full charge so just plug it in between outings and you’ll be good to go.

It has five different levels of correction as well as a tone only option. And of course it is waterproof.

And the best part – it’s rechargeable so you won’t have to worry about running out of batteries! So if you have that pooch that needs a little extra training click here to order this collar now.

Playpens Can Be Great Dog Fences

Are you looking for dog fences for your small dog? Have you considered playpens?

The Deluxe Pop Up Playpen is a very versatile way to keep your furry friend safe indoors or out. Also very useful for picnics, road trips, or visits to your friends. Both you and your dog will be happy knowing that he or she can safely exercise without being tethered to a tree or stake in the ground.

This one has a floor mat that you can take out and wash along with a roof screen that you can leave on or take off depending on your needs. It also packs away nicely in a matching storage bag making it the ideal dog fence solution for your pet.

Dog Fences

Part of loving and caring for your dog is keeping them safe and secure. Sure you want them to be able to exercise and roam but that must have its limits in order to protect them. That is the role of the many types of dog fences that are available today.

There are many options to fit both your pet and your property. These easy to install pet containment systems include kennels, electric pet collars, in ground fences, and wireless invisible fences. It is even possible to protect certain areas of your home with interior pet barriers and mats.

Since you love your pet so much this is an ideal option over ties, leashes, and collars. It is not uncommon for pet owners to report they dog’s overall behavior changes for the better when they switched from a tied up system to a fence system. Your pet will want to be outside where they naturally belong. This is not the case when they must be tied to a tree or stake in the ground. Free roaming in controlled boundaries is the ideal way to go for you and your dog.