Boundary Flags For Dog Fences

When installing invisible dog fences smart owners use boundary flags to help their part learn the limits of where they can roam.

PetSafe Boundary Flags  are ideal for this and can be used with brand of underground pet fence. And after a month you can remove the flags because your dog will have learned his or her boudaries.

These flags are plastic and twelve inches tall. Each bundle contains 50 flags which is enough to mark 500 feet of fencing. These are also great aides if you have landscapers or other workers digging in your yard.

Stay And Play Wireless Dog Fences

Looking for dog fences that can be set up simple and fast? The Stay + Play from PetSafe is just that. All you have to do is put the transmitter someplace in your house and you are ready to go because it will transmit through the your whole home.

This unit covers up to 210 feet in diameter with a minimum of 34 feet in diameter. The collar is also light and rechargeable. That means you do not need to keep buying batteries for it.

A simple device that achieves a home with more happiness, safety, and peace of mind when it comes to your pet. Did we mention that you can include as many dogs as you’d like? Because you can.

And this unit is so streamline and compact it is also great for when you travel with your pet. Click here to get your’s today.

Detect Breaks In Wire Dog Fences

If you’ve ever worked with dog fences that use underground or hidden wires you know how frustrating it can be if the wire breaks. It can be next to impossible to locate exactly where the repair is needed.

Thankfully there is the PetSafe Pet Fence Wire Break Locator to make finding breaks fast and easy.

This device will help you troubleshoot your system if there is a wire break indication on the fence transmitter or if the receiver collar is not functioning on the containment system but works during the short loop test. And it can be used for any brand of underground pet fence to find wire breaks.

This unit saves you money by saving time because you can find wire breaks quickly and easily, eliminate the need to re-wire your yard, and you can dig up the wire where the break is – not all the wire!

Click here to get yours today!


Dog Fences That Have A Cottage View

As you probably know not all dog fences are created equal. If your seeking one that will look good on your property you should check out The Cottageview Dog Kennel. The welded wire is what really makes this one special. The rust-resistant black powder coat finish is also very stylish but will still protect your pet and keep her safe.

It does include a SunBlock Top in order to keep your pet cool and comfortable in the shape. And it takes less than one hour to set up which makes it ideal for anyone who needs to secure their puppy fast. And the pinch proof gate can be set up to either open left or right.

It is ideal for decks, patios, yards and garages.

Electronic Dog Fences For Indoor Use

Electronic dog fences are not just for outside use. Often times people have areas of their home that they would like to restrict from their pet but don’t want to use ugly gates and other devices of that type.

The PetSafe Deluxe Indoor Radio Fence can stop your pet from table begging, leaving your house without your permission, or getting into areas that could be hazardous. All you have to do is plug the unit near the part of the house you want to protect  and when your dog gets near the device a mild correction is given after a warning beep.

You can buy multiple transmitters and collars to protect multiple areas and control multiple pets. It can be placed anywhere you have an electronic outlet. Click here to read more and to buy.