Replacement Flaps For Pet Doors

Pet doors wear out over time and after a lot of use. But did you know you don’t need to replace the whole door? That you can get a replacement flap for many of the popular dog doors?

There are replacement flaps available for the Classic Pet Door, Deluxe Patio Panel Door, and the Wall Entry Pet Door. As you would expect they are soft, tinted vinyl, single flap with magnetic closure and come in four sizes; small – 5 3/8″ X 7 13/16″, medium – 8 3/8″ X 11 13/16″, large – 10 7/16″ X 15 7/8″, and extra large – 14″ X 23 3/4″.

So if your best friend’s entry to your home is seeming a bit worn and maybe letting in a draft as well as your pet click here for your replacement flap.