For The Healthy Dog: Homemade Dehydrated Green Bean Treats! Pet Products Blog - Homemade Dehydrated Dog Treats Are you tired of hearing about New Years Resolutions yet? Well, Jem and Zoey barked to me what theirs is: eat healthier treats! While all of their favorite homemade treat recipes that we make together are certainly healthy, there is always room for improvement, right? 

Green beans are high in fiber which adds “bulk” to your dog’s stomach making her feel fuller so she consumes less food while still feeling satisfied. This makes green beans an ideal treat for dogs of all shapes and sizes! Many dog owners are disappointed when the vet tells them to lay off the treats because treat time is a crucial bonding moment for all dogs! Green bean treats are the solution to this dilemma because most dogs love them and they’re low in calories.

Whether your dog needs to lose some weight, has health issues, or just wants to stay fit and healthy, green beans are an excellent snack for pups! 

Step 1: Wash and Break Off The Ends of Green Beans

IMG_8784Can you find a treat any fresher or healthier than that?!

Zoey knows its treat time!

Zoey knows its treat time!

Break off the weird ends of the green beans just like you would for any “human” recipe.

"Mom, let's talk about just how long these things are going to take..."

“Mom, let’s talk about just how long these things are going to take…”


Step 2: Dehydrate

Whether or not you have a dehydrator machine, dehydrating is simple and easy. I just use my oven! 

Do we really have to wait for them to dehydrate?!

Do we really have to wait for them to dehydrate?!

Bake at 250 degrees for 2 hours. My dogs were too impatient to wait any longer than 2 hours for these to be done, but you can certainly dehydrate them for much longer if you have the time. Two hours was enough to dry them out so they had a little bit of crunch without withering away to nothing.

Step 3: Chow Down!

Don't they look delicious? ;)

Don’t they look delicious? ;)

Wasn’t that easy?! Now you have a wonderfully healthy treat with barely any work required. Love it!

Now for the true test... will the dogs love them?

Now for the true test… will the dogs love them?

Hmmm.. what's this new texture?

Hmmm.. what’s this new texture?

YUMMM! Can I have another?!

YUMMM! Can I have another?!

Zoey approves!

Zoey approves!

And she's not sharing! :)

And she’s not sharing! :)

Now for the lazy hound’s approval… Jem has me right where she wants me. She knows that if she vegges out on the couch I’ll think she looks so precious and deliver her treat to her. Not a muscle was moved in the eating of this treat!

Sniff test...

Sniff test…

Tooth test...

Tooth test…

Tongue test... Jem approves!

Tongue test… Jem approves!

What's the best part? They're mess-free so my couch potato pup can veg out on the cloth couch!

What’s the best part? They’re mess-free so my couch potato pup can veg out on the cloth couch!

Better use my back k-9's for this one!

Better use my back k-9’s for this one!

Remember from last week’s post about helping your dog adjust to moving? Well, Jem loved the part about letting your dog help with all of the projects around the house… notice the paint in her ear from when she “helped” last night? I think the color looks great on her!

Zoey wasn't going to stand for Jem getting treats without her...

Zoey wasn’t going to stand for Jem getting treats without her…

Can we share it like they do on Lady And The Tramp? :)

Can we share it like they do on Lady And The Tramp? :)

I have to say I was nervous about making these… normally my homemade treats have yummy ingredients like peanut butter, banana, or pumpkin. So I was sceptical that they would go nuts over a plain old green bean. Thankfully I was wrong, and they absolutely loved them! I hope your dogs love these as much as Jem and Zoey do. 


Health Benefits Of Green Beans For Dogs

Green beans have vitamins A, K, C, magnesium, fiber, and antioxidants.

Vitamin A

  • Fat-soluble vitamin that improves eye health and helps maintain optimal heart health

Vitamin K

  • Fat-soluble vitamin that helps with natural healing from injury or surgery and aids the body’s ability to absorb calcium for strong bones

Vitamin C

  • Water-soluble vitamin that enhances a dog’s immunity and regulates blood pressure 


  • Prevention of cancer 


  • Mineral that is essential for absorbing nutrients 

How Do Green Beans Help Dogs Lose Weight Or Stay Trim?

This wonderful veggie has a high content of dietary fiber. Fiber is used in every commercial dietary product sold for dogs, so green beans are a natural and effective source of that fiber. If you give your dog too many green beans, you will notice this fiber going to work in your dog’s tummy because she’ll need to go potty more often. This is completely normal, but if you want to avoid it just start out slowly! 

 Store your dehydrated green beans in the refrigerator to keep them as fresh as possible. 

10 Methods To Help Your Pet Adjust To Moving

10 Methods To Help Your Pet Adjust To Moving from Blog“It’s just a dog” is like hearing nails on a chalkboard in my household. No, “it” is not JUST a dog… she is family! And her emotional well-being is just as important as any other family member’s. So when we’re going through a big life change, I’m always sure to pay close attention to how my dogs Jem and Zoey are adjusting. 

The big move into our first home is probably the biggest life change that they have ever gone through in their lives. We just moved at the end of November – the week of Thanksgiving. So not only did Jem and Zoey have to try to figure out what the heck was going on with the move, but they also had the stress and chaos of Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas, and now New Years Eve. We were living with my parents (Larry and Lori – owners of until we found a house of our own. Jem and Zoey loved living with their Uncle Buddy and sometimes their cousin Laci when she visited. It’s the house Zoey and Jem were “born” into when they were puppies – it’s HOME to them. 

We can’t explain to Jem and Zoey that moving is a positive change, and I need to learn how to help them adjust to big life changes now. There will be many more changes where this one came from throughout the rest of our lives! 

Use these tried and true methods to help your dog adjust to a big move!

Stay Positive: Your Dog Knows When You’re Stressed!

The worst thing you could do during this change is worry. Your dog can sense when you’re feeling anxious, worried, or upset, and she naturally adopts whatever emotion you’re feeling as her own. It’s okay to be nervous about introducing your dog to the new home, but the most important thing for you to do is to stay positive for her sake. She will automatically pick up on your happy emotions which will soothe her during this change and make her much more likely to adjust positively. 

Include Your Dog In The Packing Process

My dogs always begin to worry and act depressed when I’m packing up for a trip. During this huge packing process from the move, include your dog in what you’re doing along the way. Encourage her to walk with you from room to room, and talk to her while you’re packing. Repeat the same phrase multiple times a day while you’re packing items in a positive tone such as, “you’re coming with me!”

Zoey all bundled up in bed "helping" me pack our clothes for the big move!

Zoey all bundled up in bed “helping” me pack our clothes for the big move!

Any process that your dog might perceive as negative can easily be transformed into a positive thing if you use a fun, happy tone with her. Dogs speak the language of energy, so choose positive voices and words. Also avoid negative words like ‘worry,’ and ‘left.’ Don’t say things like, “Don’t worry, you aren’t going to be left here.”  Only use positive words and short phrases.

If You Must Travel By Plane…

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.15.07 PMIf you’re moving out of state and you’re going to be traveling there by plane with your dog, by all means DO NOT “CHECK” YOUR DOG WITH THE LUGGAGE! This is the most traumatic experience a dog can go through, regardless of adjusting to a move or not. If you research how many dogs are lost and stolen when they’re checked under the plane, you would never put your dog at risk. The conditions under the plane are so freezing, loud, and unbearable, its a wonder to me how anyone could stomach exposing their dog to this extreme situation.

If your dog is too large to go under the seat in front of you in an airline travel pet bag, you need to fly Delta Airlines. They just announced that they are allowing dogs of any size to travel in the cabin with their owners. FINALLY! :)

Take Walks In Your New Neighborhood Before Moving

First walk in the new neighborhood!

First walk in the new neighborhood!

We’re lucky that we’re only changing neighborhoods, not cities or states. If you’re moving to a new house in the same town like us, it helps to take your dog for walks in the new neighborhood before you make the move. They will begin to take in all of the new smells, “mark their territory” on the new mailboxes and fire hydrants, and start to get their bearings.

Jem "marking her territory" for the other dogs in the new neighborhood

Jem “marking her territory” for the other dogs in the new neighborhood

Once you move into the house, your dog will already be used to the smells and recognize her own scent from previous walks in the neighborhood. This will help her feel like this place is familiar and somewhere she is meant to be in this moment. How often should you take these walks? The more you can do this, the better! 

Taking in all the new smells!

Taking in all the new smells!

Moving Day: Take More Walks!

When I say “Zoey and Jem do you wanna go for a walk?!” they absolutely freak out! I’ve never seen them so happy as when we’re getting the leashes ready, shoes on, and poop bags prepped. They can’t contain their excitement, which is my favorite part of the whole walk!

IMG_8132Go for at least one walk on moving day, preferably more. This will help to release the anxiety and stress both of you are carrying. It also shows your dog that even though there are changes taking place that she may not understand, she still gets to do her favorite activity no matter what else is different.

IMG_8144Take one final walk at the old house before leaving, then take one more walk in the new neighborhood as soon as you arrive. Do this before walking into the new house for the first time. 

Jem and Zoey walking into their new house for the first time!

Jem and Zoey walking into their new house for the first time!

Move Your Dog’s Items In First! And Bring Favorites

We brought Jem's favorite blanket with all of the familiar smells!

We brought Jem’s favorite blanket with all of the familiar smells!

It may sound silly to some people that you should make sure that the first items you move into the new house is your dog’s bed, food, and water bowls, and other personal items. I promise it makes a huge difference for her.

Jem is obsessed with carpet - so we knew one of the first items we had to move in was a huge rug for her!

Jem is obsessed with carpet – so we knew one of the first items we had to move in was a huge rug for her!

Its very scary for a dog to sit in an empty house watching people shuffling in and out and piling boxes on the cold floor. She has no idea where she belongs in the meantime. Establishing where your dog’s bed or crate will be located as soon as you get into the house serves as a familiar and safe place for your dog to escape to while the moving process takes place. The smell of her bed and personal items from the previous house is such a huge comfort tool for her. Her first impression of the new home will be of these familiar items that smell like her, your family, and “home.”

Keep The Old Things For The New House

You may have bought new furniture for the house, but avoid the temptation to get your pet new things. A new home and brand new toys, bed, etc is too much unfamiliarity for your dog. Bring all of her favorite things to the new house including toys, beds, blankets, and even a small piece of furniture like a favorite nap time chair if possible.

We brought our old leather couch to use until we get new furniture - which was a blessing to Jem. She lays on it all day long because its familiar!

We brought our old leather couch to use until we get new furniture – which was a blessing to Jem. She lays on it all day long because its familiar!

You don’t have to keep these things forever if you’re looking to upgrade, but bringing a familiar piece of furniture or accessories makes all of the difference in the world for your dog. You can even put them in similar places in the new home to where they were in the old home. Favorites help your dog feel like they’re at home much quicker. 

We also caught Jem sleeping in our bed a lot with the familiar smell of our laundry detergent and our scent on the sheets.

We also caught Jem sleeping in our bed a lot with the familiar smell of our laundry detergent and our scent on the sheets.

Introduce Your Dog To The New Home Slowly

Once you’ve moved your dog’s items into the home, introduce her to the house with a soothing, calm demeanor. You want to allow your dog to explore the house at her own pace without rushing her.

Jem had to explore every inch of the house... including the window ledge in the family room!

Jem had to explore every inch of the house… including the window ledge in the family room!

Reward Your Dog For Exploring The New House

You can even put treats or toys in each room for her to find so she is encouraged to see all of the house. Finding a yummy treat here and there on your dog’s first exploration of the home establishes in her mind that this is a positive, safe place for her.

Bring Your Dog Everywhere With You

If your dog still seems scared, nervous, or uneasy, keep her on a leash and bring her with you everywhere you go.

You can even tie the leash to your side if you want to. Including your dog in your routine of moving will make her feel like she’s being guided along in the process. A dog’s fear is greatly reduced if she feels like you are in control of the situation rather than feeling the burden of having to figure everything out herself. 

Include Your Dog In The Moving Process

We encouraged Jem and Zoey to do everything with us and help us with each step of the move.

We encouraged Jem and Zoey to do everything with us and help us with each step of the move.

You’re going to be super busy with projects, painting, unpacking, organizing, etc. Your dog will feel left out, neglected, and forgotten if you become too consumed in these tasks. The best thing to do is to encourage your dog to join in and hang out with you during these stages. 

They seemed to have fun helping us assemble furniture!

They seemed to have fun helping us assemble furniture!

Like I said before, if you use a positive tone and encouraging verbiage with her during these tasks, she will think it’s fun! And it may even help you enjoy yourself more during these dreaded to-do’s. 

Zoey was a big help painting - she made sure the drop clothes stayed in place!

Zoey was a big help painting – she made sure the drop clothes stayed in place!

Jem had to get in on the painting action too...

Jem had to get in on the painting action too…

IMG_3820Our dogs were a huge help painting… Jem even tried to use her long ears as paint brushes!

Be Consistent With Your Routine

IMG_6324Try to keep your previous routine as consistent as possible in the new house. Feed your pup at the same time that you did in the old house, take your scheduled walks, make time for play, and no matter how busy you are take time at the end of the day for cuddles and loving at bedtime. 

IMG_6375If your dog is used to having a dog door and an underground/wireless fence at the old house, be sure to make it a priority to set those up at the new place as soon as possible so there isn’t a break in your dog’s routine or training. 

Part of our routine is running errands together...

Part of our routine is running errands together…

So Jem and Zoey went on every car ride with us to run errands rather than staying in the new house alone.

So Jem and Zoey went on every car ride with us to run errands rather than staying in the new house alone.

Important To-Do List When Moving With A Dog

  • Change your dog’s tag on her collar to reflect your updated address and phone number. (I only have our phone number on Jem and Zoey’s tags, so we did not need to change them).
  • Keep your dog’s tags and collar on at all times! They don’t know where “home” is yet, and could easily wander off or try to find their way back to the old house and get lost. If your dog doesn’t wear a collar and tag, get them from your local pet store immediately!
  • If your dog is microchipped, make sure the information is up to date with your current phone number and address. If your dog is not microchipped, make an appointment to do so immediately! 
  • Update your vet records with your current phone number and address or find a new vet if you’ve moved out of town/state. 
  • Locate a reputable pet shop for healthy dog food if you’ve moved out of town/state
Zoey calmly relaxing in her new backyard and taking in her new surroundings.

Zoey calmly relaxing in her new backyard and taking in her new surroundings.

Do you have any tried and true methods for helping your dog adjust to moving?

Homemade Christmas Gift Idea For Dogs: Mason Jar Treats mason jar dog treats christmas present diy for dogsWhether you still need a gift idea for your dog, or you want to surprise your family and friends with a thoughtful present for their dog on Christmas, this homemade mason treat jar dog treat present is easy, and so much fun to make! Jem and Zoey say this gift is definitely “Dog Approved!”

Step 1: Buy Your Supplies

You’ll Need: homemade dog christmas present

  • 1 Pint Sized Mason Jar (I used wide-mouthed)
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Decorative Fabric (optional)
  • Bone-Shaped Cookie Cutter
  • 1 Cup Flour
  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1/4 Cup Cornmeal
  • 1/4 Cup Parsley

Jem and Zoey were thrilled to see treat ingredients under the tree! 


IMG_7605Do you think Jem is trying to say, “My mouth is open for business and ready for treats!”

The person you’re giving this gift to will add to the recipe:


  • 1/2 Cup peanut butter
  • 3/4 Cup applesauce

They’ll need to add these fresh ingredients when they make the treats, because these ingredients won’t last in the mason jar!

Step 2: Combine Ingredients In Jar

Layer In The Mason Jar:

1 Cup Flour

I used a "shot glass measuring cup" to pack the flour tightly

I used a “shot glass measuring cup” to pack the flour tightly

1/2 Cup Oats

IMG_76201/4 Cup Cornmeal

IMG_76211/4 Cup Parsley

IMG_7624That has to be the quickest present I’ve ever made… or bought for that matter!

Step 3: Decorate Your Jar 

Cut a 5×5 inch piece of fabric if you’re using a wide mouth mason jar like I did, and place it between the layers of the mason jar lid. 

IMG_7627Save this recipe card to your computer, print it, and cut it out with scissors to be attached to the jar using ribbon or twine so the gift recipient will know how to make the treats: Mason Jar Christmas Dog Treats

You can print it on nice card stock paper, or even sticker paper to be used as a label on the jar rather than tied with the cookie cutter.

Punch a hole in the recipe card. Tie the bone-shaped cookie cutter and recipe card around the lid of the jar with twine or ribbon. 


Step 4: Give The Gift Of Treats!

IMG_7635I’d like to think that Jem could smell the ingredients through the jar… because she didn’t want to leave it alone!

IMG_7637I can’t wait to give these to all of my doggy friends and family members for Christmas! 


Such a simple yet beautiful present, and one that we will enjoy admiring under the tree until Christmas! I hope Jem and Zoey don’t go too crazy waiting until Christmas Day to bake these!



Handmade Dog Bone Christmas Wreath: DIY!

Handmade Dog Treat Christmas Wreath - RadioFence.comChristmas wouldn’t be the same without our fur babies celebrating with us! I love to see their excitement on Christmas morning when they “unwrap” their presents! They’re chewers, so they will destroy any toy we give them within minutes. Jem’s motivation when getting a new toy is to see how quickly she can get the squeaker out and destroy it. We usually just stick to bones since they love to chew, and those will last them weeks compared to minutes with a stuffed toy!

When I saw people making homemade dog treat wreaths on Pinterest, I couldn’t get over how cute they were! Wreaths are my favorite thing to make to decorate our home for the holidays because they’re quick and easy to make (even for those of you that are the worst crafters… that’s me too!). When I got the idea to make an edible dog treat wreath for Jem and Zoey to “open” on Christmas morning, I was so excited to get started!

I’ll admit right away… I made my wreath with the full intention of keeping it for years to put up in our home to honor our pups during the holidays. They deserve their own dog-inspired decoration in the house too, right?

So the wreath I made was created with rawhides because they scream “stereotypical dog treat” and will last forever on the wreath, which means I can use it for decoration every year. I’m sure many of you can guess that when I make wreaths for Jem and Zoey to devour on Christmas morning they’ll be made with one of my homemade dog treat recipes! Our dogs aren’t allowed to have rawhides after I’ve had to save dogs from choking on them in the past. Not a fan! 

Step 1: Gather Supplies From The Craft Store

homemade dog bone christmas wreathAll you need is:

  • Wreath
  • Ribbon
  • Dog Treats

It’s that easy! You can see that I also purchased battery operated Christmas lights to string through my wreath, which is completely optional.

Step 2: Plan The Placement Of The Bones

This is when your curious fur-balls will start to catch on to the mischief if they haven’t already… 

IMG_7475Jem was quick to steal a taste!

IMG_7469As difficult as she made it to place the bones on the wreath, I really wanted to know how many I needed and approximately how far apart I wanted them before I got started so I would get it right the first try. 

Step 3: String The Lights If You Choose To Use Them

Optional, but pretty! Just simply wrap the string of lights around the wreath in a way that distributes them as evenly as possible.

Notice Jem's pretty Christmas collar we  just got!

Notice Jem’s pretty Christmas collar we just got!

Once you have the lights where you want them, hot glue the battery pack to the wreath. 

IMG_7486My wreath was made from a wire frame, so there was plenty of sturdy surface to glue the battery pack to. Make sure you leave the side with the removable cover to replace the batteries face UP! Wouldn’t want to accidentally glue that side down. 

Step 4: String The Ribbon Through The Wreath

The ribbon is all you need to keep the bones securely attached to the wreath. No glue, tape, etc needed! 

IMG_7491 I just simply took the end of my ribbon and strung it from the back of the wreath, through the wire cage, and out through the front side of the wreath to begin crossing over the bones. 

IMG_7492I made sure I was tightly wrapping the bones so they wouldn’t move once the wreath was hung. 

IMG_7495I made sure all of the bones were tightly wrapped and pulled any slack that I found. Then I simply tied the two ends super tightly over the battery compartment (you will want to tie yours tightly around the cage of the wreath instead, since I forgot I need access to my battery compartment! Thankfully, it’s just a simple fix of just retying it. 

IMG_7496Ta-Da! My masterpiece that only took less than an hour and barely any artistic skill. Very proud dog mom moment! 

Step 5: Finishing Touches

The last step for me was tying a big bow at the top! You can add any finishing touches you like to personalize yours.

IMG_7511I have even thought about eventually attaching little Christmas ornament picture frames of Zoey and Jem’s cute faces from the bow to dangle in the middle! I even have some in stock…

Jem, Zoey and I had so much fun making this and we’ll always cherish it each Christmas when we hang it up on our front door! Do you have any favorite handmade gifts or ideas? 

Homemade Paw Print Holiday Ornament Keepsake: Makes A Great Gift!

homemade paw print clay ornamentWhen you receive a homemade gift, it’s something you’ll treasure for generations. And is there anything more special than a homemade present? It can be so hard to think of things to buy for the people you love during the holidays, and the pressure of Christmas shopping makes it that much tougher. Getting creative with homemade presents can be so much better because family and friends will cherish a handmade gift for decades. When they unpack the gift from storage, it brings back a memory that comes alive again every year like it was just yesterday.

Most households have a cat, dog, or pet of some kind. And we can all agree that our pets more than a just a pet, they’re family! Keepsakes of our pets are so special, and the paw print is an imprint of a moment in time that we should all be so lucky to document and cherish for years. I can’t wait to give my family members the priceless gift of holding their pet’s paw close to their heart forever with a paw print ornament!


  • 1/2 Cup Cornstarch
  • 1 Cup Baking Soda
  • 3/4 Cup Water

You can add food coloring to this mixture if you want your dough to be colorful! I chose to keep mine white and paint it later. 

Step 1: Mix Your Ingredients On The Stove

homemade paw print christmas ornamentThis recipe is truly so easy and quick: just plop the cornstarch, baking soda, and water into a pot on the stove! Stir the mixture over medium heat until the consistency begins to resemble mashed potatoes.

homemade paw print christmas ornamentIt will only take a couple of minutes before it begins to thicken. It should be fluffy and thoroughly mixed together with very little moisture left.

homemade paw print christmas ornamentOnce it resembles creamy mashed potatoes, remove from heat. 

homemade paw print christmas ornamentStep 2: Let The Dough Cool

homemade paw print christmas ornamentSpoon your ball of dough out of the pot and cover it with a damp cloth to cool. I used a wet paper towel and completely covered the dough with it. 

homemade paw print christmas ornament

Step 3: Kneed and Roll The Dough

Once the dough has cooled, kneed it with your hands onto a smooth surface – I used my counter top. The dough will be extremely easy to work with and have a consistency similar to fondant.

homemade paw print christmas ornamentIt has a wonderful smooth texture that rolls out like porcelain which makes it fun for young children to work with, too!

homemade paw print christmas ornamentRoll the dough with a rolling pin to get a smooth, even surface. 

homemade paw print christmas ornamentYou should roll it as thick as you need for the size of your dog’s paw. Bigger dogs will require a deeper paw print, so you will need a thicker dough – approximately 1/4-1/2″ thick. Smaller dogs won’t require such a deep paw print, so you may only need 1/4″ or less thickness. 

Step 4: Cut Your Dough Into The Shape You Desire 

I wanted a round ornament to press my dogs’ paw prints into, so I used the rim of drinking glasses and pressed them down into the dough to get a perfect round shape.

homemade paw print christmas ornamentYou may also have cookie cutters that will get the job done, too. I needed to use a larger drinking glass for Jem’s paw print and a smaller glass for Zoey’s little paw. 

Don’t forget to use a straw, chop stick, or some kind of round pin to poke a hole for hanging from the tree with a string.

homemade paw print christmas ornamentI used a chop stick and wriggled it until I got a round hole big enough for the string I plan to use. 

Step 5: Press The Paw! 

Now for the fun, and possibly more challenging part of the process.

I let the dogs sniff and investigate the dough so they weren't as scared of it.

I let the dogs sniff and investigate the dough so they weren’t as scared of it.

Jem stretched her paws out nice and big to make sure her paws were going to fit!

Jem stretched her paws out nice and big to make sure her paws were going to fit!

Zoey’s paw print couldn’t be easier. She’s so laid back that she let me press her paw into the dough with no objection and was patient while I made sure I got ever pad pressed into the clay.

Zoey proudly looking at her paw print!

Zoey proudly looking at her paw print!

Jem on the other hand… hates her paws touched at all, so she was a little more challenging. The first couple tries were a fail because she pulled her paw away from me just as I pressed it down, and all we got was mush! It was easy to roll the dough flat again, and I kept trying until I got the paw print I wanted (3rd time was a charm!) If your dog objects at first, just be calm and patient with her. Eventually with enough tries you’ll get the paw print you want, even if you have to do it while she’s napping! 

Step 6: Bake The Clay

Depending on the thickness of your clay, you may need to bake for more or less time than I did. I baked mine at 175 degrees for 1 hour, then flipped them onto their other side and baked for another hour. 

Step 7: Decorate Your Finished Ornament! 

I wanted to keep mine simple and elegant, so I kept the naturally white color of the clay (it even has a little shimmer to it!), and I just painted the paw print with a sparkly red gel paint pen.

IMG_7386I also added sparkly twine as my string to hang it from the tree. The traditional Christmas plaid bow was just what I wanted to give it that sophisticated, classic, timeless Christmas look to hang from our tree for decades to come!

Is There A Better Christmas Present?

These ornaments are so special to me not only because of the memory I have of making them with Zoey and Jem, but also because it’s something I’ll always have to cherish this memory and all of the others I have with my sweet girls. Once my family and friends saw the ornaments, they immediately asked me to make them for their dogs! That’s how I know for sure this is going to be a hit with everyone this Christmas and make the perfect gift. Zoey and Jem’s grandparents will also be receiving Jem and Zoey paw prints for their trees to honor their grand-dogters! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

(Storing Unused Dough)

If you can’t use all of your dough in one day, that’s okay! You can store it in the refrigerator for awhile until you have time to make more. Store it in a zip lock bag. It will warm up when you kneed it with your hands. If it’s too sticky, just add a little more corn starch until it’s back to its smooth consistency.