Delivery Of Pet Supplies

By now you probably already know how great it can be to shop for needed items online. But did you know you can also shop for pet supplies and have them delivered right to your door?

Radio Fence offers the world’s best pet products right on their website. And when you order is over $75 delivery is free! This can make it not only convenient but also affordable because you’ll discover their products very well priced compared to other pet retailers.

And all you have to do is head over to and start shopping. You’ll find stuff for all your pets big and small.

Shop Radio Fence

Shop Radio Fence for all your pet supply needs. And the story is a story that will touch the heart of all pet owners.

It dates back to 1991 when the Lori, the CEO and founder ordered and installed a PetSafe system in her yard to contain her beloved dog Duchess. This simple act changed the relationship between pet and pet owner to a much more positive one.

Duchess’s behavior improved drastically. So much so that Lori decided that she needed to help other people with their relationship with their pets. With the help of her husband she began installing radio fences in her area and the popularity of them grew and grew.

Over time began to offer pet products and supplies and Lori brought her same level of love and caring that she always brought to her involvement in all things pet related. And that is why today it is the best place on the planet to find pet supplies no matter what kind of pet we are talking about.

Pet Doors Big And Small

Pets do not come in one size and that means that pet doors can not come one size fits all. Nor do they always have to be placed in an entryway of your home. These days more and more pet owners are choosing to place their dog’s door in a more¬†discrete¬†location somewhere in their home by using a wall entry door.

Just imagine a pet door installed behind a couch or in a utility room? Out of sight but still providing freedom for you and your beloved pet.

The Wall Entry Pet Door is designed especially for wall installation and can be installed in interior or exterior wall materials 4-3/4″ to 7-1/4″ thick, including siding, stucco, and even brick. Place it anywhere you have a clear inside and outside wall area, from the garage, kitchen, mudroom, just about anywhere!

This door has double flap construction with an adjustable sill and extra strong magnets that ensure an excellent insulation factor. It has comes equipped with a durable aluminum frame and a non-rusting locking closing panel.

Click here for full details and to order yours today.

Dog Fences And Houses

Dog fences play an important role in keeping your pet safe and happy. And the next step to keeping him happy is providing a quality dog house to protect him from the sun and elements.

The Merry Pet Products Garden Dog House is nice and spacious so even inside your best friend will have plenty of room to spread out. This house also has a very sturdy weather-proof shingle roof to make sure it holds up to whatever kind of weather your property has.

It also has a window which can be opened and plastic flaps for the doorway to help keep the bugs out. This good looking dog house is made with kiln dried fir wood and stained with an oil based stain so it will resist pests, rot, and moisture.

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Bark Collars For Training

Radio Fence offers bark collars for training your dog as well as other correction tools.

A trained dog is a happy dog and a happy dog makes for a happy owner. Many people will tell you that when a dog is taught not to bark out of control that it just makes for a better household. It does take a little effort but with the right tools training an animal is much easier. has any type of collar you might need. Just click here to browse the large selection.