Instant Radio Fence

The Instant Fence is one the easiest ways to have a radio fence for your dog because you do not need to deal with stakes, flags, or burying wires.  It is safe, portable, and completely wireless.

In fact the Petsafe Wireless Fence is the simplest way to contain a pet ever created. The wireless system sets up in mere minutes and can even be used while traveling or take it with you to a new home.

Through the use of a radio signal it creates a safe zone for your pet and if your pet attempts to leave the zone he will be safely and humanely corrected. The collar’s corrective response can be adjusted to meet you and your dog’s training needs. This product is unique to PetSafe.

It usually only take a few days for your pet to learn his boundary and stay safely within it. The safe zone can be adjusted from a a few feet to 180 foot diameter. If you need a larger area additional units for the system can be added to increase the safe zone.

When your beloved dog is able to roam free without being tied to a stake he is happier. And when your dog is happy, you are happy.