Homemade Dog Treats – Only Two Ingredients!

RadioFence.com Homemade Dog TreatsBaby food and flour. That’s all you need to make an easy, yummy, and healthy treat that your dogs will love! What could be easier? 

Dog treats are expensive! And it’s close to impossible to find ones that don’t have chemicals and hormones that can harm our dogs. These treats are organic, take just a few minutes to prepare, and only cost $3.38 for 120 treats! Who said eating organic is more expensive? 

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Step 1: Choose Your Ingredients

All you need is:

  • 2  4oz jars of baby food
  • 2 cups of flour (your choice of type)

This step of choosing your ingredients is actually very important. As you’ve read in my previous posts, there are many human foods that are poisonous to dogs, and it’s very important that we watch what they eat so they don’t ingest any of them. When you buy your baby food check the label for the ingredients and make sure it doesn’t contain any that could harm your dog. 

RadioFence.com Homemade Dog Treats - Only 2 Ingredients!We buy all organic food, so I chose organic chicken and brown rice baby food plus a jar of organic sweet potato baby food. The type of flour you’d like to use can be your choice. I usually bake gluten free for the dogs by using coconut flour, but I chose to use whole wheat this time. You can use regular flour, rice flour, coconut flour, etc. Just follow the guidelines on the bag for converting from regular flour to whatever kind you use if it applies. 

Step 2: Mix Your Ingredients In No Time

RadioFence.com Homemade Baby Food Dog TreatsMeasurements:

  • 2  4oz cans of baby food
  • 2 C flour

It’s that easy! Just dump the two cans of baby food out into the bowl, measure your two cups of flour, and add that to the mixture. I stirred my ingredients with a spoon until they were properly mixed and ended up with a slightly sticky dough that held together beautifully. My terrible baking curse may be over! 

Step 3: Roll The Dough

RadioFence.com Homemade Dog Treats Using Baby Food

I loved how easy the dough was to roll – with other recipes I had to flatten the dough by hand because it was the wrong consistency. 

RadioFence.com homemade dog treatsHowever thin you want to roll your dough is up to you. The thinner the dough, the crispier the treat. I rolled mine out to be about 1/4″ or thinner.

Step 4: Make Your Shapes

RadioFence.com homemade treatsIf you’re feeling creative you can use a cookie cutter to make your treats into shapes. It’s the only time consuming part of this recipe, so if you want to keep it short and sweet from beginning to end you can speed up the process by just tearing pieces off into quarter-sized portions. 

RadioFence.com homemade dog treatsYou can see that I started out ambitious and cut most of my dough into stars, but at the end when I only had a little bit of dough left I just tore off misshapen pieces. They all are going to taste the same, and the dogs will eat them so quickly they won’t pay attention to the pretty shape anyway. 

Step 5: Bake!

RadioFence.com homemade dog treatsThis is another part of the recipe that can changed depending on your dog’s preference. I baked mine at 350 degrees for 15 minutes and had a semi-crunchy treat with a softer center. If you’d like them to be crunchier, bake longer. And if you’d like them to be softer, bake for a shorter time. I was pleasantly surprised to count 120 treats that all fit on just two baking sheets! I can’t think of any recipe I’ve tried where I made that many treats so quickly with only two pans in the oven. 

Final Step: Enjoy!

Zoey from RadioFence.com Homemade Dog TreatsZoey was the first to approve the new treats. She loved them! 

RadioFence.com Homemade Dog Treats Laci Getting A TasteLaci was quick to jump in front of Zoey to snag a taste. She went nuts over the treats!

RadioFence.com Pet Products JemJem’s hound dog nose told her these treats were worth a try, and she couldn’t get enough!

RadioFence.com Pet Products Jem and Laci Homemade Dog TreatsThere’s nothing more satisfying than making a treat for my dogs in my own kitchen with ingredients I can trust at a price that can’t be matched by store-bought treats. What a great day!

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