Handmade Dog Bone Christmas Wreath: DIY!

Handmade Dog Treat Christmas Wreath - RadioFence.comChristmas wouldn’t be the same without our fur babies celebrating with us! I love to see their excitement on Christmas morning when they “unwrap” their presents! They’re chewers, so they will destroy any toy we give them within minutes. Jem’s motivation when getting a new toy is to see how quickly she can get the squeaker out and destroy it. We usually just stick to bones since they love to chew, and those will last them weeks compared to minutes with a stuffed toy!

When I saw people making homemade dog treat wreaths on Pinterest, I couldn’t get over how cute they were! Wreaths are my favorite thing to make to decorate our home for the holidays because they’re quick and easy to make (even for those of you that are the worst crafters… that’s me too!). When I got the idea to make an edible dog treat wreath for Jem and Zoey to “open” on Christmas morning, I was so excited to get started!

I’ll admit right away… I made my wreath with the full intention of keeping it for years to put up in our home to honor our pups during the holidays. They deserve their own dog-inspired decoration in the house too, right?

So the wreath I made was created with rawhides because they scream “stereotypical dog treat” and will last forever on the wreath, which means I can use it for decoration every year. I’m sure many of you can guess that when I make wreaths for Jem and Zoey to devour on Christmas morning they’ll be made with one of my homemade dog treat recipes! Our dogs aren’t allowed to have rawhides after I’ve had to save dogs from choking on them in the past. Not a fan! 

Step 1: Gather Supplies From The Craft Store

homemade dog bone christmas wreathAll you need is:

  • Wreath
  • Ribbon
  • Dog Treats

It’s that easy! You can see that I also purchased battery operated Christmas lights to string through my wreath, which is completely optional.

Step 2: Plan The Placement Of The Bones

This is when your curious fur-balls will start to catch on to the mischief if they haven’t already… 

IMG_7475Jem was quick to steal a taste!

IMG_7469As difficult as she made it to place the bones on the wreath, I really wanted to know how many I needed and approximately how far apart I wanted them before I got started so I would get it right the first try. 

Step 3: String The Lights If You Choose To Use Them

Optional, but pretty! Just simply wrap the string of lights around the wreath in a way that distributes them as evenly as possible.

Notice Jem's pretty Christmas collar we  just got!

Notice Jem’s pretty Christmas collar we just got!

Once you have the lights where you want them, hot glue the battery pack to the wreath. 

IMG_7486My wreath was made from a wire frame, so there was plenty of sturdy surface to glue the battery pack to. Make sure you leave the side with the removable cover to replace the batteries face UP! Wouldn’t want to accidentally glue that side down. 

Step 4: String The Ribbon Through The Wreath

The ribbon is all you need to keep the bones securely attached to the wreath. No glue, tape, etc needed! 

IMG_7491 I just simply took the end of my ribbon and strung it from the back of the wreath, through the wire cage, and out through the front side of the wreath to begin crossing over the bones. 

IMG_7492I made sure I was tightly wrapping the bones so they wouldn’t move once the wreath was hung. 

IMG_7495I made sure all of the bones were tightly wrapped and pulled any slack that I found. Then I simply tied the two ends super tightly over the battery compartment (you will want to tie yours tightly around the cage of the wreath instead, since I forgot I need access to my battery compartment! Thankfully, it’s just a simple fix of just retying it. 

IMG_7496Ta-Da! My masterpiece that only took less than an hour and barely any artistic skill. Very proud dog mom moment! 

Step 5: Finishing Touches

The last step for me was tying a big bow at the top! You can add any finishing touches you like to personalize yours.

IMG_7511I have even thought about eventually attaching little Christmas ornament picture frames of Zoey and Jem’s cute faces from the bow to dangle in the middle! I even have some in stock…

Jem, Zoey and I had so much fun making this and we’ll always cherish it each Christmas when we hang it up on our front door! Do you have any favorite handmade gifts or ideas? 

2 thoughts on “Handmade Dog Bone Christmas Wreath: DIY!

  1. Hi,Very nice wreath.However my vet told me not to give my dogs anything made of rawhide.I think I will try to make this but with large milk bones or something that crumbles when they chew.Great idea,they will love it..There own Christmas wreath.Thank you

  2. Thanks, Patty! I agree, I don’t allow my dogs to have rawhides either. They only get all-natural beef bones that don’t splinter or break off into small pieces. I just used to rawhides because I plan to save this wreath as a Christmas decoration, and I’m going to make them an edible wreath using homemade treats! I’m glad your vet feels the same way, because I have had very bad experiences with rawhides!

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