Get a Doggy Play Pen for Hours of Playtime Fun!

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If you’ve seen doggy play pens, you might have assumed that they were to keep a dog contained and out of trouble. But would you believe that they can actually be used to stimulate your dog’s playtime imagination and open a whole new world of possibilities? We found a video of a pug who couldn’t be more thrilled to have his owner place him in his play pen. The catch? Add about 50 plastic balls and a few of his favorite toys and you can see why he’s so thrilled!

Check out the video to see for yourself just how much fun this little guy is having. And remember to check out the awesome play pens we sell on our website! Don’t forget, you can get 5% off your entire purchase if you use the special coupon code that donates 5% to Pets for Patriots!

This could be just the right holiday present for your dog that you’ve been looking for. Our dogs are certainly getting one of these for Christmas after seeing this video, and we can’t wait to see what creative ideas we can come up with!

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