Harness or Collar – What’s Best?

Used imprpperly collars can do damage to your dog’s neck (including the trachea, esophagus, and more) over the years. An easy way to prevent the damage is to attach your dog’s leash to a harness instead of a collar.

If your dog pulls a lot on his leash, you can buy a training tool such as an Easy Walk Harness or a Gentle Leadeer Head Collar and use that tool on walks while you teach your dog to walk more nicely. (Be sure to follow the instructions when using training tools like these.) Once your dog understands how to walk politely on leash, you can remove the training tool and simply walk your dog in a regular body harness.

How To Give Capstar Flea Control To Your Dog

For most animals, fleas are agonizing. They cause itching that is insistent and they make it impossible for affected cats or dogs to get comfortable. For both outdoor and indoor pets, fleas are a problem almost around the year and their eggs being so durable makes it very difficult to get rid of them. Products like Capstar flea control work well against flea infestations and usually bring the pet relief in roughly six hours.

Before treating a dog with any flea medication, always consult the pet’s veterinarian first. Capstar can be obtained without a prescription but your dog’s vet should still be notified. The treatment may interfere with your dog’s medication or diet and a vet or doctor will be able to tell you whether or not the animal can safely take it.

It can be fairly difficult to get a pet to eat something foreign, especially a dog. So you may have to try a few different ideas before finding one that works. Start by burying the Capstar pill in your dog’s food bowl. This is the easiest way since most animals don’t look at their bowl when they’re eating. After the animal has finished, check to determine whether or not the flea pill was consumed.

There are still other effective methods if the dog ate everything but the Capstar capsule. Another one would be to insert the pill into a treat before giving it to the dog. If that doesn’t work, the capsule can be wrapped around a piece of ham or cheese as well. If your animal notices the pill or spits it out after eating around it, there is one last, less desirable, option left.

With your bare hand or special pill dispenser, put the pill in the back of your pet’s mouth, preferably on the tongue. Hold your dog’s mouth shut until the Capstar has been eaten. You are most likely going to get accidentally bitten and slobbered on, but at least you will be certain that the dog consumes the capsule.

Regardless of the method you use when administering the flea treatment to the pet, afterwards just make sure that your dog swallowed its pill. These small capsules, as with most other medicines, can get stuck to the sides of the pet’s teeth or mouth and most will just spit it out eventually. Once you’re positive the helpful treatment has finally been eaten, make a note of the time.

For small or medium sized pets, the treatment should start working in as little as 4 hours. For bigger dogs it might take up to 6 or 7. If 24 hours go by and you are still finding fleas on your dog then simply treat him with the Capstar pill every twenty four hours until they’re eliminated.

Once your dog is declared flea free, keep him that way with some trusted flea prevention items. Medicated shampoos and flea collars will make sure that once the flea treatment has killed off the annoying critters, they stay gone. If you reside in area with a bad flea problem, think about getting your pet on a prescription flea treatment to keep him or her healthy and comfortable.

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Choosing Pet Steps

dog steps, pet stairs from radiofence.comYou have decided that you’d like to purchase a set of pet steps for your dog. Envision the following picture: You’re psyched that the pet stairs you ordered online have finally arrived. Geez, the box is a lot smaller than you expected. You have to assemble the stairs, but you figure it’s a one-time price to pay for the steps.

The instructions seem to be written in every language except English, and you certainly won’t make it through with the fragments you retained from high school Spanish. You’ve assembled bits of cheap plastic together—freehand—only to discover that the steps aren’t nearly sturdy enough for your dog, or that they’re too short to be used for your intended purpose (or any purpose at all!). Frankly, I can’t imagine anyone finding this scenario appealing at all. Not only do cheap dog steps result in added hassle and disappointment, but they’re a flat-out waste of money.

The best way to keep this from happening to you is to learn as much as you can about the requirements that your dog’s stairs will need to meet. To do this, you will need to ask yourself a few questions. These questions are important in narrowing down the possibilities for your dog based on his (and your) needs.

How heavy is your dog?

Your dog’s weight has a lot to do with choosing dog stairs because some steps have weight limitations. It’s best to simply narrow down your search starting by whether or not they can support your dog’s weight. Most stairs should have been tested to allow for the amount of pressure a dog will exert onto the stairs when going up and down, so be sure to inquire if there isn’t a weight limitation posted on the website.

How tall/long is your dog?

The size of your dog (both in height and length) is a good indication as to whether you have a large, medium, or small breed of dog. You need to make sure that the steps have enough climbing and landing room, which means you need to have a look at the width of the steps (from the base of the back of the step to the front). Putting a toy-sized dog on gargantuan steps could make it very difficult for the dog to navigate the steps—not to mention the possibility of a slip resulting in injury. Below you’ll find a basic guide to aid you in choosing safe pets for your dog.

Large Breed: 16” Steps or Larger
Medium Breed: 14” Steps
Small Breed: 12” or Smaller

What will your dog primarily use the steps for?

This, again, is very important to ensure that you get the correct steps for your needs. Do you need the steps to aid your dog in getting to your extra-high bed? Perhaps you should look into purchasing high pet steps. Will the stairs be used for the car? Lightweight, mobile dog steps will likely be the best option for you. The best way to figure this out is to simply dust off your tape measure and measure the distance from the floor to the top of the surface your dog needs to access. If you’re using the stairs for your bed which is 2.5 feet from the floor, try to get stairs that meet this height—or get as close as you possibly can without going higher than the bed.

Your ultimate goal is to provide your dog with a safe and helpful way to get to and from places. It would be well worth the hassle of spending an extra hour or two searching for just the right steps for your dog. Another option if steps are not practical, is to consider getting a dog ramp.

Shopping for a Dog Bed

Shopping for your favorite four legged family member this season can be easy. Gifts for dogs are numerous and of every color, shape and size. There are toys and treats, leashes, collars, apparel and bedding. The options are numerous.

If you are shopping for a dog bed, there are many options available in that department. You first need to decide what type to purchase for you dog. Bedding collections are numerous and there are different purposes for them also.

Some dog beds are utilized for specialized reasons such as orthopedic or extra support. Some can be waterproof, medical grade or sturdy enough for being outside. Figure out what purpose and where this dog bed will be situated.

For just as many types of dog beds, there are just as many fillings for them. One needs to think about what they would like their dog to lay on. Some of these are filled with a polyester filling and appear like a comfortable pillow. Others have cedar inside for odor control and some even sport insect repellent characteristics. A foam dog bed is one that can help the dog with arthritis. It is an orthopedic bed. The foam can be regular foam or top of the line memory foam.

Once the type of bed and filling is decided, the next decision is what size to get your dog. There are some easy tips to figure out the best size bed for the job. First, measure your dog while he/she is lying down. Measure the length of the dog from nose or front legs to the rump or rear legs. Now add nine to twelve inches to that number. The resulting number will help you decide which bed will comfortably fit your dog.

Weight counts in dog beds. Estimate the dog’s weight. It is better to overestimate than underestimate. A small dog will fit fine on any size bed but a large dog will not fit nicely on too small of a bed. If you have a very large breed of dog such as a Great Pyrenees for example, then opt for the extra large dog bed.

Buying a dog bed is an investment and one should consider. Do not forget that cheap is not always best. Shop around as prices will vary. The internet makes it a lot easier to be able to compare prices and get the best deal. Remember why you are looking for the bed. Is there a medical purpose? Does the dog require any extra support? Do your homework and that will help make the decision clear and help you find the bed that will do the right job for your dog.

Pet Beds

It used to be that beds for dogs were fairly uncomplicated things. You could put down a rug, a folded blanket, or a pile of old towels in a corner or close to the fireplace, and that was it. But pet beds have come a long way since those days.

Occasionally folks don’t have a special mattress for their dog, but let it sleepwith them on their own mattress. Or from time to time dog crates double as beds for the night. But others want their dogs to have something distinctive, and you will discover some fascinating and fun versions of these beds out there. Dog beds might be as utilitarian or as elaborate as you would like them to be. In most cases, your dog won’t really care, unless it is a option between a uncomplicated mat on the floor or a memory foam mattress that gives aching joints a bit of relief. If you want your dog to sleep at the foot of your mattress, or it really likes that rug close to the fireplace, then you might not need to have anything special. But you can find some real cool dog beds, and many pet owners really go for unusual designs.

While there are  many choices for to find bed that makes your dog happy, heated dog beds increase you options with the many shapes and styles available.  Some dogs prefer this type of bed. My dog loves to sprawl on the bed so an open style is best for me. There are hundreds of choices for dog beds to accommodate our different styles and choices. You should have no problem finding what you and your dog need and something that will fit with your home decor.