Christmas Stuff Already!

It’s hard to believe all the Christmas merchandise is arriving this early! We see it all around town. Lights and decorations are going up. Stores are starting to display holiday items. And it is no different here at

We have just received our initial inventory of holiday pet clothing. So far, we have dog hoodies and dog dresses available on the website. Throughout the week we will be adding holiday harnesses, collars, neck and bow ties and much more.

Stop by and check out our selection so far. If you don’t see anything you want right now, keep checking because we will be adding new items daily.

$330 Million Spent on Halloween Costumes – For Pets!

Costumes for petsTraditionally an occasion to wear a costume and live the fantasy of being a superhero, monster or pop-culture icon, Halloween is increasingly a time to put on the dog. Or put one on the dog.

The National Retail Federation says Americans will spend $330 million on pet costumes this year. While that’s only a small part of the total $6.9 billion consumers will shell out for candy, costumes and decor, the category is popular and growing, say retailers and pet owners.

Send us pictures of your pets in their costumes and we will select the best ones for our month newsletter. Send pics to

DIY Doggie Fleece Snuggle Blanket

The famous Snuggie™ can be found just about everywhere. It’s on TV, on the Web and at the checkout aisle of your local mega-mart. Then, the company introduced the Snuggie™ for Dogs. Now that’s available in almost every pet store. These blanket/robe hybrids have been “recreated” by other companies and spoofed by many an amateur filmmaker. So, maybe you’re getting a little sick of hearing about the phenomenal “blanket with sleeves.” I know I am.

A lot of dogs are not fond of wearing clothing. However, many dogs have no problem with getting dressed up, and the cold-natured dogs (like Greyhounds) actually need to cover up to stay warm. For these dogs, a garment like this could be ideal. Sure, you could go out and buy a boring blue or pink one. Or, you could make your very own, using fleece with a color or pattern that fits your dog. When Family Crafts Guide Sherri Osborn showed me her instructional article, I knew I had to share it with all of you. With some inexpensive supplies and a very basic knowledge of sewing, you can make a snuggle blanket for your dog in an hour or two. This is a great project for the whole family!

Thursday is National Dress Up Your Pet Day

 Oh, the humiliation…I know it may come as a shock — there is a Dress Up Your Pet Day. I kid you not!

Be aware that Jan. 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Yes, some twisted human managed to get a day devoted to this. I realize  that a lot of you actually don’t seem to mind getting dressed up. Some of you even seem to like it. Or maybe you’ve just given up trying to fight the inevitable.

 Even cats are not immune

The only good thing about National Dress Up Your Pet Day is that it’s not just for dogs. It’s for cats, too! And if there’s anyone who hates getting dressed up more than I do, it’s cats.

This Thursday, at dawn, all pets should bring a few treats into the bathroom and lock themselves in. Stay there until Friday. Trust me. An ounce of prevention is worth years of cure. At least until Thursday. Now go run and hide!