Home Remedies To Treat Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

 Home Remedies To Treat Your Dog's Upset Stomach. treat dog's upset stomach at homeHome Remedies For Non Life-Threatening Stomach Aches

Remember last week when we learned how to tell if your dog’s upset stomach is life threatening or not? If you’ve spoken to your vet over the phone and determined that your dog’s upset stomach is nothing to rush to the vet over, there are many home remedies that can help your dog heal the natural way. Natural home remedies are great to know, and they work wonders when put to use. If symptoms worsen or your dog doesn’t show significant improvement, then it’s time to take her to the vet. 

Take Your Dog’s Temperature

home remedies to cure dog's stomach ache

A dog’s temperature should be between 101-102.5  degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is higher than 103, that is considered a fever for dogs. If your dog’s temperature is is lower than 99 degrees or higher than 103, it is time to go to the vet! When your dog’s temperature reaches 106 degrees or higher, life threatening complications can be expected.

It’s recommended that you use a rectal thermometer, because taking a dog’s temperature with an ear thermometer will not be nearly as accurate and you could risk a false reading or worse – a false alarm! Learn how to take your dog’s temperature here. 

home remedies to treat dog's upset stomach

Let Your Dog Eat Grass!

Unless you use fertilizer or any other poisons in your yard, it’s perfectly healthy and instinctual for your dog to eat grass when she doesn’t feel good. It’s a natural way for her to induce vomiting if she feels that throwing up will help her feel better. If you notice your dog eating grass obsessively and vomiting profusely more than once or twice, call your vet to make sure the following at home remedies are appropriate for helping your dog’s condition. 

Rest Your Dog’s Stomach: Fasting

home remedies to treat dog's upset stomachYou know how you don’t want to eat anything when you’re sick? Even the sight of food on a TV commercial makes your stomach turn upside down. Your dog feels the same way. 12-24 hours at the most of fasting helps clean your dog’s system out and heal the gut. Don’t feed your dog for the day so her stomach can calm down. You may think this sounds cruel, but it’s a great way to help your pup feel better when she doesn’t know how to help herself. You can feed her broth using the recipe that you will read below.

Staying Hydrated Is Most Important! 

home remedies to treat dog's upset stomachEncouraging your dog to drink plenty of fluids is the best thing you can do in place of food. Keeping your dog hydrated is crucial for helping her get better and preventing a more serious issue due to dehydration, especially if your dog is experiencing diarrhea.  A dog with diarrhea can easily become severely dehydrated within only a few hours of being sick. If your dog is uninterested in drinking water on a regular basis, a pet fountain can be a huge help! Jem and Zoey have both started drinking so much more water since getting ours! 

Em goes SO nuts for ice cubes that it's close to impossible to catch a picture of it!

Em goes SO nuts for ice cubes that it’s close to impossible to catch a picture of it!

If your dog doesn’t want to drink water, you can add some chicken broth for flavor. Dog love ice cubes like my Jem does? Ice chips are a great treat and the perfect method for getting your pup to hydrate.


Some dogs will refuse to drink water, and they may need electrolytes. You can purchase a Children’s Pedialyte to give to your dog to prevent dehydration. This is a great product to go out and buy now while your dog is perfectly healthy so you will have it on hand if you should need it in the future. Give your sick dog at least 15ml per lb of body weight per day.  Zoey is 15 lbs so I would give her 225 ml for the entire day. It’s recommended to divide that dose and give it to your dog a minimum of 4 times per day, not all at once. That means I would give Zoey about 56 ml each time if I’m doing it 4 times per day. 

home remedies to treat dog's upset stomachUse a syringe to squirt the Pedialyte or water into your dog’s mouth As unpleasant as this experience can be sometimes, but it’s better than letting her condition deteriorate! Don’t squirt the Pedialyte down your dog’s throat. A sick dog may have trouble swallowing, and this could cause her to choke. Take it slow to make sure she’s actually ingesting it in a healthy way. 

Over  The Counter Medication: Pepcid AC

If you’ve never heard of this at-home remedy, you may be a little surprised or skeptical. My vet is the one who recommended I buy OTC Pepcid AC for Zoey when she has a belly ache. Consult your veterinarian over the phone for how many milligrams you should give to your dog, because it depends entirely on the weight of YOUR pup! 

home remedies to treat dog's upset stomachZoey weighs around 15 lbs, so my vet recommended that I give her 10 mg twice per day.

I have also heard of some people using Pepto Bismol for their pet. But again you’ll want to ask your vet over the phone before using that remedy too! Both Pepcid AC and Pepto Bismol are known for causing dogs’ poop to darken significantly. If you notice this color change don’t worry – it’s completely normal! 

Rice Water When Fasting

12593641_10205834713487172_3716700109630874481_oYou may want to feed rice water to your dog instead of solid food if you aren’t going to have your dog fasting. In order to make rice water, boil and stir 1 cup of rice in 1 quart of water for 20 minutes. 

home remedies to treat dog's upset stomachStrain the rice, and set it aside. Make sure you keep the water! Don’t accidentally strain it down the drain.

home remedies to treat dog's upset stomachAllow the rice water to cool to room temperature so it’s not too hot, or cool it in the refrigerator. 

home remedies to treat dog's upset stomach

Homemade “Chicken Noodle Soup”

home remedies to treat dog's upset stomachWhen you’re finally ready to eat after a stomach bug, all you can imagine eating is something simple like soup, right? Your dog is the same way. You can make a “homemade chicken noodle soup” by boiling the rice you already cooked. Combine approximately 1/2 cup of rice in a pot of 1 quart of chicken broth (usually the size of 1 carton). Simmer at a low boil for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. The rice grains will become mushy and look like little stars. 

home remedies to treat dog's upset stomachFirst Real Meal: Make Sure It’s Bland

Boiled chicken and rice, possibly with a little bit of canned organic pureed pumpkin is the perfect bland meal for coating your dog’s inflamed stomach. You can also add a tiny bit of plain yogurt which has healthy pro-biotic bacteria to regulate your dog’s digestive system. Don’t feed your dog any other meats like ground beef because they are too greasy and will only make your dog’s belly ache worse. Plain, boiled chicken is extremely light and healthy on a sick stomach. I used my Ninja to grate the boiled chicken into fine pieces to make them easier to eat and mix with the rice. 


Food Additives: Maintenance For The Dog With Chronic Stomach Upset 

12622382_10205834714887207_8636193677198749361_oIf your dog just can’t seem to get relief from upset stomach, like my dogs Jem and Zoey, then you can use food additives in her daily diet. Additives include:

  • Pumpkin
  • Sweet potato
  • Banana
  • Oatmeal

These foods help regulate your dog’s digestive system to prevent stomach problems on a regular basis. I add a spoonful of organic canned pumpkin to Jem and Zoey’s food for every meal they get. It helps keep their bellies regulated and helps dogs with diarrhea or constipation. But the can you buy has to  have only 1 ingredient: pumpkin! Some brands will have ingredients like soy, sugar, and other additives that are bad for your dog. 

Most Importantly: Monitor Your Dog

Keep a poop journal if you think you will have a hard time remembering. Monitor your dog’s poop, vomiting, overall demeanor, and health condition. If you think her condition is declining even slightly, you should stop the home remedies and take her to the vet. As long as there is improvement in her condition with the home remedies, then you know it was just a simple stomach bug. 

IMG_4704 When Zoey or Jem are sick, I take them to work with me to keep a close eye on them. Well, let’s be honest I take them to work with my any chance I can! If you can’t take your pup to work, you should try to find a friend or family member who you trust that can monitor your dog for the day. If you don’t have anyone, you really should do a vet drop off so they can take care of her while you’re away at work. Imagine if you were sick with the flu and there was no one home to help take care of you? It’s even worse for a dog, because if she’s struggling with diarrhea and you aren’t home to let her outside, she had the added stress of having accidents in the house. 

What Do You Think?

Do you have any tried and true methods for managing your dog’s stomach issues at home? I’d love to hear them!

Dog’s Stomach Ache: How To Know When It’s Serious

 Dog's Upset Stomach- How to Know When It's Serious - RadioFence.com BlogJem and Zoey went through a rough week with belly aches recently, and it killed me to see them sick! The worst part about seeing your dog in pain or feeling ill is that she can’t tell you what’s wrong or what she needs from you. I just wish I could ask my girls what they need me to do to help them feel better, but all I have to go off of is the symptoms they show me. 

Is It Normal For My Dog To Get An Upset Stomach?

This belly ache requires a longggg snooze...

This belly ache requires a longggg snooze…

Yes. Dogs can get the occasional belly ache just like we do. But how do you know if the symptoms your dog is showing are an indication of a normal belly ache or something life threatening that you should rush her to the vet for? Knowing the difference is the most important part of saving your dog from a life threatening condition if there is one. 

When Should I Take My Dog To The Vet?

Zoey is pretty used to vet visits by now... keeping her cool on the table!

Zoey is pretty used to vet visits by now… keeping her cool on the table!

I’m a bad one to ask… because I’m guilty of taking my dogs to the vet even when there’s a very minor issue. I do this because I hate worrying that if I don’t take them I could regret it later if something serious is going on. BUT, it’s common for dogs to have upset tummies. So if you see clear signs that your dog’s condition has been consistently improving with an almost full recovery by 24-48 hours then it’s most likely a 24 hour bug and a vet visit is probably not necessary. 

I know they don't feel well... but they're so cute when they cuddle!

I know they don’t feel well… but they’re so cute when they cuddle!

 If your dog has been sick without significant improvement for more than 48 hours, the best thing for you to do is take her to the vet. It’s not normal for your dog to remain ill for an extended period of time. She could have a disease or a permanent condition like Irritable Bowel Syndrome that requires regular medication prescribed by your vet. 

Signs of Serious Distress – It’s Time To Go To The Vet

  • Distended stomach
  • Nervous pacing
  • Severe lethargy
  • Drooling and retching
  • Trying to vomit without success
  • Hacking and heaving
  • Constant diarrhea and vomiting 
  • Constipation – straining to poop without success
  • Signs of severe dehydration – test your dog’s skin for elasticity by gently lifting the skin on her back with 2 fingers, then let the skin drop. Skin that quickly returns flat on the back is good, hydrated skin. Skin that returns slowly or doesn’t reform is a sign that your dog needs to go to the vet for fluids immediately. 
The cause of Zoey's panic... she ate a pair of underwear.

The cause of Zoey’s panic… she ate a pair of underwear.

Panic is an emergency sign that your dog has a serious issue that may require you to administer medical care at home if there isn’t time to get to the vet. Zoey was in a panic about a year ago and once again this week because she ate something that she couldn’t digest and was desperately heaving to try to throw it up. She was biting ferociously at my hair, the carpet, blankets, grass, and everything else within reach to try to make herself throw up. She was also labored for breath and hacking and heaving like something was stuck.

I knew I needed to induce vomiting right away to save her from whatever was stuck in her belly. My vet was closed and the emergency vet was too far away. If you need to induce vomiting for your dog, use hydrogen peroxide. Measure with a syringe or turkey baster:

1 ml of peroxide/lb of dog's weight

1 ml of peroxide/lb of dog’s weight

  • 1 ml per pound of your dog’s weight

I used 15 ml for Zoey because she’s 15 lbs. I didn’t have a syringe with measurements or a turkey baster on hand because we just moved, so I was able to use the cap from the top of a cough syrup bottle because it had ml measurements on the side. If you don’t have anything in your house with ml measurements, 15 ml is exactly 1 tablespoon, so you can use that as a reference. I poured the peroxide down her throat and within 5 minutes she threw up whatever was causing her stomach panic. The first time, it was the underwear. The second time, I think it was stuffing from her toy. If your dog doesn’t throw up within 15 minutes, give her another dose. 

She was so glad to get that out of her stomach quickly!

She was so glad to get that out of her stomach quickly!

I was so glad that I knew this peroxide method and I was able to induce vomiting to relieve her from the panic she was feeling. And even more, I was able to avoid surgery since the underwear and stuffing came out before it got stuck in her intestines. 

Blood in vomit or stool is a perfect example of a stomach ache that is not normal. This would be cause for immediate, emergency medical attention. This could be an indication of an obstruction from eating objects like coins, stuffing from toys, string, etc that would need to be dealt with right away to save your dog’s life. 


Left poisonous materials within your dog’s reach? You should know if you’ve left something poisonous like insect poison, rat poison, cleaning products, chewing gum (xylitol), chocolate, or any other poisonous human foods out in the open that your dog could have ingested. If you believe you left something within your dog’s reach, take her to the vet immediately. 

IMG_8914Diseases that cause upset stomach are very serious and can include:

  • Parvo
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Pancreatitis
  • Twisted stomach.

These conditions would need to be treated quickly at the vet to save your dog. 

Bacterial contamination can cause stomach problems that will call for a trip to the vet’s office.

  • Parasites
  • Worms
  • Stale or contaminated food

Any of these bacterias can cause infection that will need to be treated with medication at the vet. You should check to see if the food you feed your dog has been recalled recently. 

Injury to the stomach will also cause these symptoms. If your dog has played rough at the dog park, was alone with anyone you aren’t sure is trustworthy, or you recall an incident that could have caused a stomach injury, then you need to take your dog to the vet to make sure there is not an injury that needs medical attention. 


Non Life-Threatening Causes Of Upset Stomach

Most of the time, if your dog has an upset stomach it is caused by something she ate. Try to think back to what your dog ate right before symptoms started. 

IMG_1936Changes in diet can cause sudden stomach problems. Have you switched your dog’s food recently? If you don’t gradually introduce a new food you dog will have stomach issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.

Did you just introduce new treats that could have been bad?Immediately go online to check if your dog’s food or treats have a recall. Or did you notice her eating something outside that could be poisonous to dogs? Did she get table scraps from a friend or relative that doesn’t know your dog doesn’t eat table scraps? 

Common food-related causes of upset stomach:

  • Eating too fast
  • Food allergy
  • Eating too much

Aging is a common “cause” of upset stomach. Aging dogs experience changes in metabolism, digestion, and overall health. 

IMG_6996Stress can also cause stomach upset. We recently moved to a different house, and I think that had a lot to do with Jem and Zoey’s stomach issues. Understanding how to help your dog adjust to moving helps prevent this. Dogs can experience stress due to many things including separation anxiety, change in schedule or routine, a trip to the vet, fighting in the household, etc. 


Symptoms of Upset Stomach

  • Change in appetite or not eating
  • Gurgling stomach sounds
  • Eating grass
  • Bloating
  • Lethargy 
  • Dry heaving
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Painful stomach to the touch
  • Biting at sides of body
  • Fever
  • Excessive thirst

Without fail, it’s always the best case scenario to take your dog to the vet if your gut instinct is telling you that it’s the right move. However, this article’s purpose is to help differentiate between the common non-life threatening causes of belly ache versus the life threatening causes of belly ache so you can better understand how to help your sick pup. Have you ever had an experience with your dog getting sick where you learned from it? Any advice you may have to pass on to me and our readers is greatly appreciated! 

I love knowing that if my dogs have an emergency, I am educated on how to save them :) I hope these tips help you if you should ever need them!

I love knowing that if my dogs have an emergency, I am educated on how to save them :) I hope these tips help you if you should ever need them!

Come back next week for amazing at-home remedies to cure your pup’s belly ache!

For The Healthy Dog: Homemade Dehydrated Green Bean Treats!

Radiofence.com Pet Products Blog - Homemade Dehydrated Dog Treats Are you tired of hearing about New Years Resolutions yet? Well, Jem and Zoey barked to me what theirs is: eat healthier treats! While all of their favorite homemade treat recipes that we make together are certainly healthy, there is always room for improvement, right? 

Green beans are high in fiber which adds “bulk” to your dog’s stomach making her feel fuller so she consumes less food while still feeling satisfied. This makes green beans an ideal treat for dogs of all shapes and sizes! Many dog owners are disappointed when the vet tells them to lay off the treats because treat time is a crucial bonding moment for all dogs! Green bean treats are the solution to this dilemma because most dogs love them and they’re low in calories.

Whether your dog needs to lose some weight, has health issues, or just wants to stay fit and healthy, green beans are an excellent snack for pups! 

Step 1: Wash and Break Off The Ends of Green Beans

IMG_8784Can you find a treat any fresher or healthier than that?!

Zoey knows its treat time!

Zoey knows its treat time!

Break off the weird ends of the green beans just like you would for any “human” recipe.

"Mom, let's talk about just how long these things are going to take..."

“Mom, let’s talk about just how long these things are going to take…”


Step 2: Dehydrate

Whether or not you have a dehydrator machine, dehydrating is simple and easy. I just use my oven! 

Do we really have to wait for them to dehydrate?!

Do we really have to wait for them to dehydrate?!

Bake at 250 degrees for 2 hours. My dogs were too impatient to wait any longer than 2 hours for these to be done, but you can certainly dehydrate them for much longer if you have the time. Two hours was enough to dry them out so they had a little bit of crunch without withering away to nothing.

Step 3: Chow Down!

Don't they look delicious? ;)

Don’t they look delicious? ;)

Wasn’t that easy?! Now you have a wonderfully healthy treat with barely any work required. Love it!

Now for the true test... will the dogs love them?

Now for the true test… will the dogs love them?

Hmmm.. what's this new texture?

Hmmm.. what’s this new texture?

YUMMM! Can I have another?!

YUMMM! Can I have another?!

Zoey approves!

Zoey approves!

And she's not sharing! :)

And she’s not sharing! :)

Now for the lazy hound’s approval… Jem has me right where she wants me. She knows that if she vegges out on the couch I’ll think she looks so precious and deliver her treat to her. Not a muscle was moved in the eating of this treat!

Sniff test...

Sniff test…

Tooth test...

Tooth test…

Tongue test... Jem approves!

Tongue test… Jem approves!

What's the best part? They're mess-free so my couch potato pup can veg out on the cloth couch!

What’s the best part? They’re mess-free so my couch potato pup can veg out on the cloth couch!

Better use my back k-9's for this one!

Better use my back k-9’s for this one!

Remember from last week’s post about helping your dog adjust to moving? Well, Jem loved the part about letting your dog help with all of the projects around the house… notice the paint in her ear from when she “helped” last night? I think the color looks great on her!

Zoey wasn't going to stand for Jem getting treats without her...

Zoey wasn’t going to stand for Jem getting treats without her…

Can we share it like they do on Lady And The Tramp? :)

Can we share it like they do on Lady And The Tramp? :)

I have to say I was nervous about making these… normally my homemade treats have yummy ingredients like peanut butter, banana, or pumpkin. So I was sceptical that they would go nuts over a plain old green bean. Thankfully I was wrong, and they absolutely loved them! I hope your dogs love these as much as Jem and Zoey do. 


Health Benefits Of Green Beans For Dogs

Green beans have vitamins A, K, C, magnesium, fiber, and antioxidants.

Vitamin A

  • Fat-soluble vitamin that improves eye health and helps maintain optimal heart health

Vitamin K

  • Fat-soluble vitamin that helps with natural healing from injury or surgery and aids the body’s ability to absorb calcium for strong bones

Vitamin C

  • Water-soluble vitamin that enhances a dog’s immunity and regulates blood pressure 


  • Prevention of cancer 


  • Mineral that is essential for absorbing nutrients 

How Do Green Beans Help Dogs Lose Weight Or Stay Trim?

This wonderful veggie has a high content of dietary fiber. Fiber is used in every commercial dietary product sold for dogs, so green beans are a natural and effective source of that fiber. If you give your dog too many green beans, you will notice this fiber going to work in your dog’s tummy because she’ll need to go potty more often. This is completely normal, but if you want to avoid it just start out slowly! 

 Store your dehydrated green beans in the refrigerator to keep them as fresh as possible. 

Reduce Your Dog’s Shedding Naturally

Disturbing Lab Results Prove Top Dog and

Why Is My Dog Shedding So Much?

Dogs naturally shed their old and damaged hair, but the amount and the frequency depends on their health and breed. Excessive shedding can be normal for some dog breeds, but excessive shedding can also be a sign of stress, poor nutrition, or a medical issue. It can also depend on the season, and where you live. Dogs will produce a thicker coat in the winter and shed it off in the spring, and those who are kept indoors tend to shed an even amount year-round. This is the case with our sweet Jem… we love her to death, but her shedding is out of control! 

Our daily dose of Jem hair...

Our daily dose of Jem hair…

Note to self: never have dark floors and furniture again! 

How Can I Reduce The Shedding? 

Managing dog hair can seem like a never ending nightmare… I feel like my house only stays clean for about 10 minutes right after I finish vacuuming. By the time I put the cleaning products away and come back into the room, I see 100 hairs scattered all over the floor and furniture again, and the task of ‘vacuum and dust’ goes right back on my To Do List and quickly as I crossed it off.

1. Brush Your Dog Regularly

A brush a day pulls the hair away!

A brush a day pulls the hair away!

 Add this to the list of things I tell myself  to do daily, yet a week will go by and I’ll realize I have slacked yet again… Brushing your dog regularly is very important to reduce shedding, especially as the seasons change. It really only takes less than 5 minutes a day, which can feel like a hassle when you first start out. But after a few weeks it becomes habit, and it’s much more frustrating to be infrequent about it than to just keep up on it daily. 

Jem didn't love getting brushed at first, but now she loves it!

Jem didn’t love getting brushed at first, but now she loves it!

I use the Furminator brush for Jem, and it collects a ton of hair out every time I brush her! 

2. Avoid Drying Your Dog After Bath Time

IMG_0151Many believe that washing your dog’s coat is a great way to loosen the fur. Give your dog a thorough brushing before and after. Most importantly, don’t use heat to dry your dog after bath time, because this will increase shedding. 

2. Feed Your Dog A Quality Food

DSC05608Is your dog getting the proper nutrition? A poor coat or excessive shedding can be a sign of a poor diet that lacks required nutrients for a healthy dog. A proper diet consisting of a quality, well balanced food will decrease shedding. Not sure if your dog’s food is the culprit? Try switching your dog’s food and see if it helps! Be sure to transition your dog slowly over the course of a couple weeks to avoid stomach pain and diarrhea. 

3. Add Olive Oil To Your Dog’s Food

IMG_1683Olive oil mixed with your dog’s food can help reduce shedding. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that condition her skin and coat. Start by adding a tiny bit and increasing the amount a little more each time. Introducing too much olive oil too quickly can cause your dog’s stool to be loose. It can take up to 3 months of eating olive oil consistently to notice a reduction in shedding. About 5-6 drops, or about 1/4 teaspoon is all your dog needs with breakfast and dinner. 

4. Does Your Dog Need A Nutritional Supplement? 

Consult your vet, and discuss if a specially-formulated dog vitamin or omega-3 fatty acid supplement is right for your dog. Quality dog food brands work hard to include the correct amount of nutrients so a supplement is not needed, but there are supplements out there that can reduce shedding if its necessary for your dog. 

How Can I Manage Shedding In My Home?

You’ll never completely eliminate shedding with a dog that was born to shed, but there are ways you can manage the hair in your home so you don’t go crazy! And for the health of your family and friends with allergies, these methods are a must. 

1. Air Purifier

If I close my eyes... the hair will disappear

If I close my eyes… the hair will disappear

An air purifier is a lifesaver for those with allergies, because they remove hair, dander, and other allergens from the air. This will greatly reduce the effects of shedding between cleanings. 

2. Vacuum


Jem creeps up on the vacuum and attacks, like most dogs!

With Jem’s extreme shedding, I’ve learned to accept that if I don’t at least Swiffer every day, then my house is going to constantly feel dirty. Ideally, I like to vacuum every day because I know I’m removing the hair and dander from the house completely, rather than pushing it around. The sooner you vacuum after the hair is shed from your dog the better, because you eliminate it before it can get into the fibers of your fabrics. 

3. Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

IMG_1698Have you heard of all the tricks that these little dryer sheets can do? For managing pet hair, they are a lifesaver for keeping baseboards clean. If you run a dryer sheet along your baseboards, they leave a coating behind that repels dust and pet hair. Plus, your house will smell amazing from room to room, and your guests will be puzzled trying to figure out where that amazing scent is coming from!

4. Furniture/Seat Covers

Whether it’s an armchair, sofa, ottoman, the car, or the foot of the bed that your dog likes to nap, furniture covers are a must. As a daily routine, you can easily grab them and give them a good shake outdoors. Then once a week you can throw them in with the wash to keep them smelling fresh and clean.

Buddy's favorite hang-out spot!

Buddy’s favorite hang-out spot!

If your dog loves to nap in the car like Buddy, a car seat cover is a lifesaver. My car was always a mess from Jem’s hair, but my car seat cover has helped 100%.

No more Jem hairs all over the car!

No more Jem hairs all over the car!

I used to need to vacuum the inside of my car constantly. But with my seat cover I rarely need to anymore, my leather stays clean and scratch-free, and the dogs have a comfy place to lay. 

5. Your Lint Roller Should Be Your Sidekick

IMG_1701Have one in the bathroom drawer, by the front door, in the glovebox of the car, in your desk drawer, etc. Don’t be caught without it! If you give your clothes a clean swipe with the lint roller when you’re leaving the house and the car, at least you’ll get a break from the shedding while you’re conquering the world. You’ll have everyone fooled. 


Do you have any methods for minimizing dog hair? I’d love to hear your advice!

Homemade Treats For Dogs With Allergies

Disturbing Lab Results Prove Top Dog andAs you may have read last week, Zoey has been having a tough time with allergies. I took her in to the vet to get some more insight, and he explained that it could be caused from the food or treats I’m giving her, but mostly its airborne allergens present this time of year. 

Store-bought treats are filled with allergens like soy, wheat, corn, etc. And plenty of dogs are allergic to meats like chicken, beef, and pork used in treats and food. 

Homemade treats are a must for dogs with allergies, because you can’t be 100% sure that the store-bought kinds have pure ingredients that are allergy-friendly. 

My vet suggested giving Zoey sweet potatoes as treats because they’re great for dogs with allergies.

Raw honey is also a great natural allergy solution. Drizzling raw honey on the top of sweet potato treats after they’re cooked is the perfect solution for a dog with allergies. 

Why Is Honey Good For Dogs With Allergies?

Raw honey, especially honey bought locally, contains traces of pollen and airborne allergens which helps acclimate your dog to the pollinated air. It also contains enzymes that help dogs digest food better. Does your dog seem to be slowing down or acting lazy? The natural sugars in raw honey that are easily broken down by your dog’s body is a great source of energy for your pup, when used in moderation. Puppies should stay away from honey until they’re adults.

Easy Homemade Dehydrated Sweet Potato Dog Treats

You may remember us making dehydrated sweet potato dog treats in the past, and they’re my personal favorite. Sweet potatoes are so healthy for dogs and humans, they’re inexpensive, and they’re the easiest treats to make. With only 1 ingredient, and 1 kitchen tool needed before popping them in the oven, I feel like I could make these treats all day long!

Step 1: Prepare Your Ingredients 

You’ll Need:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Raw Honey (preferably local)

IMG_1525The first step of our treat-making process has quickly become one of Zoey and Jem’s favorite, because they love playing this game of nabbing my ingredients off the kitchen counter, running into the living room, and devouring them. Think they’re a little impatient? 

IMG_1518I can’t bring myself to scold Jem for treat-napping because it’s so stinkin’ cute!

IMG_1483And I love how much she loves fresh, healthy foods.

IMG_1493It’d be like scolding your child for getting excited about eating her veggies… it just doesn’t feel right! 

IMG_1494Zoey appreciated Jem stealing a sweet potato off the counter for her, since she’s vertically challenged. But she would rather cuddle her sweet potato than devour it…

IMG_1512Although Jem and Zoey think they do a perfectly good job of “washing” the potatoes with their tongues, and I have to agree, I do give them a good wash in the sink with my potato brush before slicing them. 

Preheat the oven to 250 degrees before we begin prepping the potatoes. 

Step 2: Slice The Sweet Potatoes 

I used a mandolin to slice my potatoes because I don’t trust myself to slice them by hand, but it’s perfectly fine to use your knife to slice the pieces if you don’t have a kitchen gadget. 

potato-collage-600x600Using the mandolin, I sliced mine like so:

DSC04125-600x399It’s quick and easy. I had my sweet potato sliced in just minutes.


Step 3: Bake!

Your oven should be preheated to 250 degrees. Place the sliced sweet potatoes on a baking sheet. Sorry Jem, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer…

IMG_1528Bake them at 250 degrees for 1.5 hours.

IMG_1529 After 1.5 hours, remove from oven. My sweet potatoes were cooked at this point because I sliced them thin, but if yours are still very soft, bake for longer. 

IMG_1534If your dog has dental issues or prefers a softer treat, you can bake them for less time. 

They will seem slightly soft when they first come out of the oven, so let them cool completely before serving them to your doggies.

Step 4: Drizzle Sweet Raw Honey On Top

IMG_1543This step will have your dogs drooling! The raw honey drizzled on top will not only have your pups going nuts, but it’ll be the perfect icing on top to help relieve your dog’s allergies.

IMG_1544The sweet potato honey combination can’t be beat when trying to soothe a pup suffering from allergies.

Step 5: Dig In!

IMG_1624If you haven’t already been attached by lickers like I was, now is the time to watch your pups go to town. My favorite part! 

IMG_1547Jem is too tall for me to handle sometimes! I can barely grab a treat off the cookie sheet before she jumps up and snatches it. 

IMG_1548Zoey has to have her chance too, even though she can’t jump as high as Jem.

IMG_1558The girls loved these treats SO much that they were crying for more. I’ve never seen anything like it!

IMG_1623I was worried they were going to keep whining until they were all gone…

IMG_1582Okay one more…


Now that I know honey is so good for dogs with allergies, and sweet potatoes are the best treat option when my dogs are having symptoms, I plan to make these treats regularly. If the health benefits weren’t reason enough, their overwhelmingly joyous reaction to the flavor sealed the deal! I love how much they adore their homemade treats :)

Does your dog have a favorite homemade dog treat recipe? Or do you have any secret remedies to help allergies?