Radio Fence Is Home To The Worlds Best Pet Products


The Radio Fence story is a story that will touch the heart of all pet owners.

It dates back to 1991 when the Lori, the CEO and founder ordered and installed a PetSafe system in her yard to contain her beloved dog Duchess. This simple act changed the relationship between pet and pet owner to a much more positive one.

Duchess’s behavior improved drastically. So much so that Lori decided that she needed to help other people with their relationship with their pets. So with the help of her husband she began installing radio fences in her area and the popularity of them grew and grew.

Over time began to offer pet products and supplies and Lori brought her same level of love and caring that she always brought to her involvement in all things pet related. And that is why today it is the best place on the planet to find pet supplies no matter what kind of pet we are talking about.

Pet Doors Can Be Hidden From View

Did you know pet doors do not have to be installed on a door?

Many people choose to not get a pet door because they believe it must be placed where the human doors are located. But the PetSafe Wall Entry door is designed to be installed anywhere along your home you’d like.

Maybe you want it hidden from site both inside and out? Or you have invested a lot in your entryways and do not want to cut a hole it them for a dog or cat door. This is the ideal solution. And there are options for any size pet.

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Not All Dog Fences Are Created Equal

Protecting your beloved dog is an import role of any owner. That is why it is important that you know not all dog fences are created equal.

Different dogs have different needs Many people are faced with the challenge of a stubborn and hard to train animal. Thankfully there is the Stubborn Dog Wireless Collar that works with both the Stay + Play Wireless Fence and the Wireless Instant Dog Fence (But is not compatible with any in-ground fences).

This collar is rechargeable so there are no battery issues and it works with dogs over 5 pounds. It only takes 2 to 3 hours to get it back up to a full charge so just plug it in between outings and you’ll be good to go.

It has five different levels of correction as well as a tone only option. And of course it is waterproof.

And the best part – it’s rechargeable so you won’t have to worry about running out of batteries! So if you have that pooch that needs a little extra training click here to order this collar now.

Bark Collars For Big Dogs

Choosing among all the bark collars available can be tough. How do you know which one is right for your dog? If you dog is over 40 pounds you know it has very unique needs. It is no different when it comes to training devices.

The PetSafe Big Dog Trainer is just what you are looking for. In fact it is used by professional dog trainers but don’t worry it can also be used by owners for in home training. That is because it is so simple yet effective.

Your goal is to train away unwanted behavior and reward the desired behavior. This is done with the push of a button the remote transmitter that has a range up to 100 yards.

There are 16 levels of stimulation as well as 2 boost options so you can really dial in the training. Or use the tone only mode when you simply want to get your dog’s attention. The collar is tough and water proof so you know it will not fail you.

A trained dog is a happy dog. And a happy dog means a happy owner. So order your’s today.

Pet Supplies

Pet supplies. You need them. We got them!

From big dogs to tiny fish we have got you covered. In fact a great way to add some life to your office is with a desktop aquarium. We have many to choose from which means you are sure to find one that will fit right into your decor.

You’ll be surprised at how just a little bit of life can boost the environment around your office. The bright tank with the green plants and the cute little fish swimming around can be like a little oasis in your workday.

Pictured here is a tank from our parallel series. The kit has everything you need to bring your office to life. Click here to learn more.