10 Dog Breeds That Can’t Stand To Work

A lot of us think of our dogs as our most cherished companion that we bring with us to run errands, watch movies with cuddled on the couch, and take walks in the park with. But for centuries dogs have been used for working and can do such amazing things when they are assigned to a job. But what happens when there are just certain dog breeds that are notorious for absolutely hating to work?

Maybe you can relate to the feeling of hating to work and are thinking you may just be a certain breed of human that instinctually hates work. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could blame our lack of motivation and third snooze of our alarm to our “breed” like these dogs?

Our friends at The I Love Dogs Site  have put together another great article featuring the 10 dog breeds that absolutely hate work. Although the following dogs have been known to prefer couch surfing to working, of course there are exceptions to every stereotype!

1. Akita

Akitas are smart dogs who will work on their own terms and have no problem deciding for themselves whether or not they want to follow your command. They have been known to look at you when you’re asking them to do something, consider whether or not they want to make the effort, and turn away from you acting like you aren’t even there.


2. Shiba Inu

They are similar to the Akita because they are very intelligent and have energy when they feel like it. They’ve been known to question whether you are seriously asking something of them or not and decide for themselves if what you’re asking is worth the reward in the end. No reward? They probably aren’t going to make the effort.


3. Dachshund

They were originally used as hunting dogs, but they have evolved into full-blown lap dogs. And they’re proud of it! Dachshunds have been known to be difficult to train, especially with potty training.


4. Havanese

The Havanese is another proud lap dog but is a little easier to train than the Dachshund. The Havanese still aren’t interested in sticking around and working on a bunch of tricks, however. A few tricks is plenty before they settle back down onto their favorite spot on the couch.


5. St Bernard

The St Bernard undeniably looks lazy with the droopy, tired eyes, and the saggy skin. These loyal companions are perfectly content just relaxing at your feet or snuggling up in the living room with the family. They are happy just with the company of their loved ones and don’t have interest in working on much else in their life. If you’ve seen the “Beethoven” movies and how hard those St Bernards work you may disagree!


6. Husky

When I read the article, this one surprised me the most. Huskies have been known to pull sleds in the snow and be able to work for hours in extreme climate conditions. However, if you talk to many Husky parents they will tell you that getting their Husky to do what they ask can be quite a difficult task. Just think of the 100’s of viral videos of Huskies protesting with their hilarious howls and comical commentary that sometimes sounds almost human!


7. Beagle

Now this is the one that I was waiting for! When I think of a lazy dog, our dog Jem is the first thing that comes to mind. She’s the sweetest little girl there is, but when she gets out of bed in the morning it’s only to eat her breakfast. Then she is right back on the couch or in the bedroom for round two of her beauty sleep. She will sleep all day unless we make her get out of bed to play outside and get some exercise! Beagles are also known for being “stubborn” and only able to focus on what is interesting to them rather than what you’re trying to tell them. If a Beagle catches a scent, it doesn’t matter what commands you use, he will be off on a chase! We got really lucky with Jem because she listens really well and never runs off after a scent when we’re outside. However, she is stubborn because she will only listen to her daddy’s commands and nobody else’s!


8. Pekingese

These dogs are known for being low energy and loving lap dogs. They can also be hard to teach and especially difficult to potty train.

9. Clumber Spaniel

If you want a dog that is going to be an enthusiastic running companion, this is not the breed for you. They have been known to be “independent” thinkers and hard to train.


10. English Bull Dog

This may not be surprising to you that the Bull Dog isn’t known for being a high-energy worker. But we can’t necessarily blame them… their wrinkly rolls and round bodies make it difficult for them to be anything other than cuddly couch dogs.


Do you have any lazy pictures of your dog? We’d love for you to share with us!


Healthy and Yummy Thanksgiving Meal for Dogs

Our dogs are a bigger part of our families than we can put into words. We’re always trying our best to let them know just how much we love and appreciate them. We want to take this special opportunity on Thanksgiving to show them that we are thankful for them, and they deserve to have a special feast with us as we enjoy our holiday meal.

But what can dogs eat on Thanksgiving? The last thing you want to do to show your dog appreciation is give him food that leads to a trip to the “V-E-T” when you should be at home enjoying your pumpkin pie for dessert.

There are many foods that dogs can’t eat, and some may be surprising to you. That is why it’s so important to educate yourself and learn what foods are toxic to dogs.


According to PetMD, it’s extremely important that your dog doesn’t eat anything with alliums (i.e., onions, garlic, leeks, scallions) because eating these in large quantities can lead to toxic anemia. Stay away from the stuffing since it includes alliums and sage which causes central nervous system depression.



Yes To Turkey!

Plain, white meat turkey is a perfect protein for your dog on Thanksgiving. Make sure there aren’t any bones, skin, or fat and you’re good to go!

Bring On The Potatoes!


Plain mashed potatoes are a great vegetable to share with your pet on Thanksgiving, but make sure you cook them plain without the added butter, sour cream, cheese, onions, or gravy that you like in your mashed potatoes. When it comes to cooking human food for your dog, plain is always the key. Their sensitive tummies can’t handle all of the extras like ours can.



Green Beans Are Great!












Plain green beans are a wonderful vegetable to add to your dog’s Thanksgiving treat. But if we’re talking about green bean casserole, that’s another story. There are ingredients in green bean casserole that might not agree with your dog or could be toxic like onions and garlic. Stick to the plain green beans.

A Tiny Bit of Cranberry


Cranberry sauce is another yummy treat to add to your dog’s thanksgiving feast, but be careful of the sugar content. Check the nutrition facts and make sure there isn’t too much sugar. Add just a tiny bit to your dog’s meal if you’re unsure just to be safe.



This Thanksgiving we’re going to cook up a very simple yet wonderful platter for our dogs Zoey and Jem consisting of:

  • White meat turkey
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Green beans
  • Cranberry sauce 
What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving treats to feed your dog? Do you have any fun Thanksgiving traditions? Let us know in the comments, and have an awesome, safe, and relaxing holiday!


How To Choose The Perfect Dog Bed

You would never consider your bed a luxury rather than a necessity, and the same is true for your dog’s bed. Dogs spend much more of their lives sleeping than we do which leads some vets to believe that finding the perfect bed could be even more important to dogs than it is to people. Choosing the right bed can seem intimidating with all of the types, sizes, shapes, and colors, but we’ve narrowed it down to make it easy for you to confidently choose the perfect one for your dog!

Quality beds give your pet support, a sense of comfort, warmth, and relief. Dogs love to lounge on the floor or on the sofa, but getting your pet his very own bed provides a sense of security. When the bed is kept in the same spot it gives your dog a cozy place that he knows is special. Dogs are naturally territorial and appreciate a place to call their own. You can assess what kind of bed will be best for your dog based on his health, habits, age, and size.

Step 1: Make Sure It’s Washable

Vets believe that “the most important element to any dog bed can be summed up in a single word: washable.” Always choose a washable bed or a bed with a washable cover. It is essential for controlling odors, dirt, and fleas. All of our beds are either washable or have a washable cover.

Step 2: Measure Your Dog for Size

When your dog is sleeping or lounging in her favorite position, measure the length of your dog and add 5 inches. If it’s too difficult to measure your dog while she’s laying down, you can measure her from the base of the neck to the tail and add 5 inches. This will allow for extra “wiggle” room so she feels comfortable in her new bed.

Step 3: Assess Your Dog’s Age and Level of Health

Older, arthritic, aching, or sick dogs require more features from a dog bed than a young puppy. These include orthopedic, memory foam, and heated options. You need the bed to support your dog’s joints, and an orthopedic, foam, or heated bed is essential for dogs with dysplasia or arthritis. Choosing the right bed can help alleviate pain and make your dog more comfortable.

Orthopedic Lounger Bed from RadioFence.com


Orthopedic: Orthopedic beds have a mattress-type padding to provide support. These are perfect for older dogs with joint pain or thin dogs that need extra cushion to alleviate painful pressure points. Orthopedic beds are also usually roomy which is great for dogs that like to spread out when they sleep.


Luxury Memory Foam Sofa from RadioFence.com



Memory Foam: Soft memory foam beds support the skeletal system of older dogs and minimize callus development on your dog’s elbows. It also retains heat which eases the pain of arthritis. Memory foam provides comfort, warmth, and support.

Orthopedic Heated Bed from RadioFence.com





Heated: Heated beds are a great choice for older dogs because they help relieve aches and pains from arthritis and joint discomfort because they sooth and reduce stiffness. Dogs become less and less active the older they get and need the help of a heated dog bed to keep them warm and comfortable.


Step 4: Determine Your Dog’s Sleeping Habits

Some dogs like to sleep spread out, curled up in a ball, hidden and burrowed, or leaning against something for support. Watch your dog and observe the positions he prefers to sleep in. This will help you determine the best bed style to match your dog’s sleeping style.

Pillow Top Dog Bed from RadioFence.com


Dogs That Like to Spread Out: A Pillow or Cushion style bed is great for dogs that like to spread out when they sleep. It leaves them with a wide-open space to flop around without any restrictions. They will love the free and cozy feeling.



Self Warming Bolster from RadioFence.com


Dogs That Like to Curl Up, Lean Against Support, or Have a Pillow: Bolster beds,  bumper beds, and pet sofas have a cushioned bottom and a raised side, which is great for dogs that love to feel the security of leaning against something. Dogs who like having their head rested on a pillow also love bolster beds. The shape helps retain body heat naturally, which smaller and older dogs appreciate.

Orthopedic Cozy Cave from RadioFence.com


Dogs That Like to Burrow: If your dog likes to crawl beneath the bed, sleep under the table, burrow under the blankets, or find secluded areas in your house to sleep, he may enjoy the hooded cozy cave pet beds rather than the traditional open beds. They provide a sense of security that they can’t get from a traditional open bed. Humans probably couldn’t imagine sleeping on their beds without a blanket, so imagine how your dog feels sleeping on his bed without any covers. Small dogs, dogs with light coats, or thin body types like Greyhounds really benefit from cozy cave beds.


Dogs That Get Hot When They Sleep: We’ve all seen the fluffy dogs that just can’t seem to cool off after play time or on a hot day. It can leave us feeling helpless seeing them panting trying to get relief from the tile floor. If your dog is a hot sleeper there are great solutions available.

Indoor/Outdoor Cooling Bed from RadioFence.com


Cooling Beds: Cooling beds are great to have indoors as well as outdoors during hot summer months. Sometimes the cool floor isn’t enough to give a hot dog relief. You can also get a cooling gel pad to use on top of your dog’s existing bed or cot.



Landing Pad from RadioFence.com


Mats: Useful for dogs who prefer the cool tile rather than a typical bed but still provides some cushion or protection from hard floors or bare crate bottoms. If your dog loves to sleep in bed with you or on the furniture you can use a mat to add a layer of protection to keep your furniture from getting damaged or worn.


Cooling Cot from RadioFence.com


Cots: Easy to care for and clean but aren’t as padded as some alternative bedding. Perfect for dogs who just want to be up off the hard floor. They are very durable and can last for years with very little maintenance or upkeep. A simple spray-cleaning and air dry will do the trick. Ideal for dogs living in hot climates or young dogs who don’t require padding.


Step 5: Decide If Your Dog Needs An Outdoor Bed 

An outdoor dog lives a very different lifestyle than a dog that spends all of his time inside. These dogs require outdoor types of beds to go along with their adventurous tastes including waterproof beds, heated beds for the winter months, cooling beds or cots for the summer.

Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed from RadioFence.com


Waterproof Beds: If your dog likes to hang out or sleep outside, he still deserves a cozy bed to relax on. A traditional indoor bed will get ruined quickly outside, but our waterproof outdoor/indoor beds are perfect for a dog that likes to explore.


Indoor/Outdoor Soft Heated Bed from RadioFence.com


Heated Outdoor Beds: Smaller dogs lose body heat easily and can greatly benefit from a heated bed. If you live in a colder climate a heated dog bed is a must, especially if your dog lounges outdoors. You can buy pet bed warmers to place inside your existing pet bed or add a heated kennel bed to an existing crate or dog house.


Cooling Lounger Bed from RadioFence.com


Cooling Outdoor Beds: It can get brutally hot in the summer, and any dog that stays outside is at risk for heat stroke unless its owner takes precaution. Large and brachycephalic breeds have a hard time staying cool and benefit from the cooling relief of a cooling dog bed.



Pet Cot from RadioFence.com


Cots: Cots are perfect for dogs that love to lounge outside because they are raised off the ground. This keeps your dog feeling cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. Cots have a waterproof fabric, which makes them extremely easy to clean. The sturdy framing makes them great for bigger dogs. The cots have heating and cooling mats available as accessories.


Wood Pet Stairs from RadioFence.com

If the idea of buying a pet bed for nighttime makes you uneasy because you love sharing your bed with your dog and can’t let go of that quality time you have together, there is the option of purchasing pet steps which will make sleeping in your bed much easier for your dog. Pet steps are a necessary accessory for smalls dogs, long-backed dogs who are prone to back injuries and shouldn’t be jumping (such as Dachshunds), or older, arthritic, and ill dogs who need help getting in and out of your bed safely and comfortably.


Once you have established your dog’s unique sleeping habits and health concerns, you can easily blend features and find the perfect bed for him. Many dogs require more than one feature from a bed. Some will need an orthopedic bed with a heating feature, a hammock with a cooling feature, or a cozy cave with memory foam support. Once you’ve established what features your dog requires in a bed, you can find the perfect one from our selection that combines the features you are looking for.

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We’re SO excited to announce that RadioFence.com is a proud sponsor of Pets for Patriots!

This non-profit organization saves the lives of shelter pets by helping military members and veterans adopt “last chance” shelter dogs and cats that are most at risk of death or permanent homelessness.

Pets for Patriots is so near and dear to our hearts, especially on Veteran’s Day. We’re so thrilled to be able to help our veterans, the men and women currently serving in our military, and the dogs and cats in shelters that are in desperate need of homes.

Vietnam Veteran and Adopted Dog Save Each Other’s Lives

The most recent success story on the Pets for Patriots blog features Timothy, a vietnam veteran and purple heart recipient that describes the dogs and cats that he has rescued as “the only friends I had.” Timothy has found companionship in Melanie, a loyal and caring Pyrenees adopted through the Humane Society in Michigan thanks to Pets for Patriots. Timothy explains his need for a dog very simply: “I just like having company,” says Timothy. “They love you the way you are.” His life has improved tremendously since the adoption. He explains: “She gets me up walking and stuff where I wouldn’t,” he says. “I just don’t like to be around a lot of people. So if I take the dog with me, I stay away from people and have a friend.”

He is still unable to sleep at night, but Timothy passes the night hours by lying down beside Melanie who seems to truly enjoy his presence. When he falls down as a result of his neuromuscular difficulties, Melanie always lies next to him until he’s able to stand again. “That’s a friend,” he says proudly.

When Pets for Patriots asked him if he would encourage other veterans to adopt companion cats or dogs, Timothy’s response is immediate and positive: “Get one,” he urges. “Especially these young guys, you know? You’ve fought through a lot of it by the time you’re my age, but I still have problems.”

Timothy explains that a companion pet offers a different kind of friendship than another person can and may help a troubled veteran see him/herself more clearly. Something as simple as an adopted dog or cat can change everything.

“A dog will help you, because people don’t know. You can sit there and tell the dog your problems when nobody else will listen or they don’t understand. They listen, but they don’t understand,” he says, noting the magic of pets: “They make you forget.”

There are many more amazing stories like Timothy and Melanie’s on the Pets for Patriot’s Blog that show how much this amazing organization has touched and changed the lives of veterans and shelter pets.

You Can Help Without Donating A Penny Of Your Own Money

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