A Personal Look Into Our Family and The Dogs Of RadioFence.com

radiofence.com family and dogs

Our family is so grateful for your loyalty each week as you read our blog and open our emails. Your comments and feedback have been so uplifting and motivating for me to keep writing each week!

I love writing tips and how-to’s from the perspective of our dogs’ lives and incorporating them into each story I tell. Getting to spend my work days with my four-legged best friends is a dream job! But I’ve been wondering with each post I write… are my readers curious about who the dogs are in the posts, what the relationships are in the family, and do our fans realize that we are a family owned and operated business? This inspired me to give you a personal behind the scenes look into the lives of our wonderful dogs and the family business dynamic that we are so thankful for. 

Maybe you’ve been thinking… where is ‘Buddy The Rescue Dog’? Why hasn’t he been in the weekly articles since he joined the family after his incredible and inspiring journey? These are all questions I’m looking forward to answering, and I hope you ask more questions that I haven’t thought to answer! 

Our RadioFence.com Family: Our Roots

radiofence.com the volwiler family The name behind the person who writes these posts each week is Kelsey – and that’s me! I joined the family business a little over a year ago, and I love learning from two of the hardest working people I know – my parents – Larry and Lori. They started RadioFence.com in their basement in Michigan 25 years ago after purchasing an underground fence for their first dog, Duchess the Dalmatian.

Duchess the Dalmatian from RadioFence.com

Duchess loved to be outside until she wore herself out, and the underground fence gave her that freedom

 The underground fence improved Duchess’ quality of life, happiness, and personality so much that my mom, Lori, felt compelled to share such an amazing product with the world. A product she believed in with all of her heart. 

Duchess the Dalmatian from RadioFence.com Duchess was the dog that welcomed me home from the hospital as a baby and played with me in the backyard through the seasons in Michigan.

Duchess the Dalmatian from RadioFence.comShe was a ball of energy, and she needed to run free without running away. Without the underground fence, we wouldn’t have all the memories of days spent in the back yard or on the porch playing.

Duchess the Dalmatian from RadioFence.comShe could run and play outside until her heart was content. And when she came inside to spend time with the family she was the relaxed, cuddly dog that all of us loved. Our family is so grateful for those memories and the many years of business that we can thank Duchess for.

Our RadioFence.com Family: The Stems

radiofence.com the volwiler family The dogs that you see most often in the blog posts are Zoey and Jem (who my fiance Joey and I have raised), and Laci who my sister Carly belongs to. We all three live in the same small town in SW Florida, so we get to spend a lot of quality time together. Laci has a ton of energy and a curious heart, so I love including her in as many posts as I can with Zoey and Jem.

Jem, Laci, and Zoey love spending time together - but they're excited for Buddy to come back!

Jem, Laci, and Zoey love spending time together – but they’re excited for Buddy to come back!

My parents are in the process of becoming “snow birds” in the non-traditional sense of the word because they are not retired. We are blessed that our online business allows us to work from anywhere that there is internet access, so they beat the heat in Florida and spend their summers in South Carolina.

And I bet you already guessed it… Buddy has been spending his summer in South Carolina too! And he is having an absolutely outstanding time exploring the trails through the mountains and hills with my parents. They’re worried he won’t want to come back to Florida!buddy the rescue dog from radiofence.comJoey and I get to fly up to South Carolina for a visit today, and I can’t wait to see Buddy! I’m planning to take lots of pictures on our trip and have all of the updates for you on how Buddy’s amazing rescue has brought him the most incredible life. 

The opportunity to work alongside my parents at our family business has been the greatest blessing I could have hoped for. Learning from the two people that I look up to the most and aspire to take after is something I am very grateful for. I’m  proud that we are a family business from our roots to our branches, and I can’t imagine working in any other environment or spending my days without my amazing pups! 

Do you have any questions about our family, our business, or our dogs? I’d love to answer! Like a big puppy that grows to reach the kitchen counter for the first time, nothing is off-limits.

7 thoughts on “A Personal Look Into Our Family and The Dogs Of RadioFence.com

  1. July 30, 2015 at 11:56 am

    Bought a collar and fence from you several years ago. Greatest thing I did for my beagle, Daisy. Not only does it give her freedom in my yard, I can take everything with me when I travel and program it for the yard she will be in while away from home.
    Also love the dog treat recipes!! She gobbles them up.
    Look forward to more posts.

  2. Kelsey, I enjoyed learning more about your family and the dogs that own you. I’m owned by Rex, a Bichon/terrier mix, so I can relate. I love being able to find out the behind-the-scenes info on products or companies I like.

  3. I always love your articles. I have to say though that it took me a long time to realize you were a pet company. A few years ago I googled dog ramps and bought one from your company and wondered why a fence company sold dog ramps. I started getting your emails and ignored them for quite a while because I didn’t need another ramp or fencing. Luckily, one day I happened to read your email and was shocked it was about pets. It was a good article and I have been hooked ever since. I like your recipes also. I never understood the name since it was so misleading, but I now understand after reading your article today.

  4. Thanks Lyn! You make a really good point about the name of our company, and we have considered changing it to be more pet-related and memorable. Many people think of fencing when they hear our name just like you did. The name made perfect sense when my Mom started selling the underground fencing, but over the last 25 years as we’ve added all kinds of pet products it has become confusing. Thanks for your advice, and I’m really glad you gave us a second try :)

  5. Thanks Barbara, I’m really happy to hear that you enjoyed the behind the scenes look into our family! I’m happy I can share more than just products with our customers and make relationships with all of you!

  6. Thanks Mary! I’m so glad that Daisy loves her fence. It really does make life so much easier. I will gladly keep posting yummy recipes :) Especially since our pups love them so much too! I’m glad your doggie likes them.

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