A Man and His Dog Travel the Country to Explore What Makes Us So In Love With Dogs

Today is National Read A Book Day! And I’ve decided my next read is going to be Travels With Casey. This book is about the experience Benoit Denizet-Lewis and his dog Casey have when they jump into an RV and set out to travel across the United States.

The funny thing is how honest Benoit is about why he decided to do this – he was worried his dog Casey didn’t like him very much! What started out as a road trip designed to help Benoit bond with Casey turned into something worth writing about – a 13,000 mile journey across 32 states that taught Benoit and Casey so much about what our relationship with our dog tells us about ourselves and our values.

The description of the book sounds too great to pass up: “On the way, Denizet-Lewis—known for his deeply reported dispatches from far corners of American life—falls in love, convinces himself that his RV is infested with bed bugs, and meets an irresistible cast of dogs and dog-obsessed humans. Denizet-Lewis and Casey hang out with wolf-dogs in Appalachia, search with a dedicated rescuer of stray dogs in Missouri, enter a dock-jumping competition in Florida, meet homeless teens and their dogs in Washington, spend a full day at a kooky dog park in Manhattan, sleep in a Beagle-shaped B&B in Idaho, get pulled over by a K9 cop in Missouri, and visit “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan in California. And then there are the pet psychics, dog-wielding hitchhikers, and two nosy women who took their neighbor to court for allegedly failing to pick up her dog’s poop.” Sounds like a must-read to me!

I can’t wait to start reading Travels with Casey! If you have read it and want to share your thoughts on the book, please comment :) Or if you have any other books you would love to recommend please share!

Check out Travels With Casey’s Facebook Page here.