Shopping for a Dog Bed

Shopping for your favorite four legged family member this season can be easy. Gifts for dogs are numerous and of every color, shape and size. There are toys and treats, leashes, collars, apparel and bedding. The options are numerous.

If you are shopping for a dog bed, there are many options available in that department. You first need to decide what type to purchase for you dog. Bedding collections are numerous and there are different purposes for them also.

Some dog beds are utilized for specialized reasons such as orthopedic or extra support. Some can be waterproof, medical grade or sturdy enough for being outside. Figure out what purpose and where this dog bed will be situated.

For just as many types of dog beds, there are just as many fillings for them. One needs to think about what they would like their dog to lay on. Some of these are filled with a polyester filling and appear like a comfortable pillow. Others have cedar inside for odor control and some even sport insect repellent characteristics. A foam dog bed is one that can help the dog with arthritis. It is an orthopedic bed. The foam can be regular foam or top of the line memory foam.

Once the type of bed and filling is decided, the next decision is what size to get your dog. There are some easy tips to figure out the best size bed for the job. First, measure your dog while he/she is lying down. Measure the length of the dog from nose or front legs to the rump or rear legs. Now add nine to twelve inches to that number. The resulting number will help you decide which bed will comfortably fit your dog.

Weight counts in dog beds. Estimate the dog’s weight. It is better to overestimate than underestimate. A small dog will fit fine on any size bed but a large dog will not fit nicely on too small of a bed. If you have a very large breed of dog such as a Great Pyrenees for example, then opt for the extra large dog bed.

Buying a dog bed is an investment and one should consider. Do not forget that cheap is not always best. Shop around as prices will vary. The internet makes it a lot easier to be able to compare prices and get the best deal. Remember why you are looking for the bed. Is there a medical purpose? Does the dog require any extra support? Do your homework and that will help make the decision clear and help you find the bed that will do the right job for your dog.

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