Pet Supplies For Reptiles

The Penn Plax Natural Wood And Glass Cage is a great example of pet supplies that are available for reptiles.

It is built using quality Nordic Red Pine wood from Scandinavia that really makes your reptile house seem very classy. It is treated naturally with no chemicals to make sure that is can handle the high humidity and misting that comes with caring for many reptiles. There is even a tray in the bottom for a shallow aquatic area. And the front doors make it easy to feed and do maintenance.

The integrated front vent allows optimal ventilation preventing moisture build up on the front glass. Removable top screen with aluminum support bars to hold the weight of light fixtures. Inlet access for tubes and wires add to the function of these glass habitats.

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Pet Doors Make Life Easier

Pet doors can go along way in making your life easier. Ever feel like a doorman for your dog? Having to get up from the comfort of your recliner every time she needs to go outside? Thanks to great products like the PetSafe Freedom Pet Door you no longer have to do this.

It is very easy to install and made of solid aluminum with reinforced corners so you know it is tough and ready to handle even multiple dog homes. The flap is flexible, tinted, and can be adjusted. It seals via weather stripping and a magnetic flap closure system to keep it tight and keep your home comfortable.

It does include a panel so you can control your pet’s access to it. Click here to read more and order one for yourself.

Electronic Dog Fences For Indoor Use

Electronic dog fences are not just for outside use. Often times people have areas of their home that they would like to restrict from their pet but don’t want to use ugly gates and other devices of that type.

The PetSafe Deluxe Indoor Radio Fence can stop your pet from table begging, leaving your house without your permission, or getting into areas that could be hazardous. All you have to do is plug the unit near the part of the house you want to protect  and when your dog gets near the device a mild correction is given after a warning beep.

You can buy multiple transmitters and collars to protect multiple areas and control multiple pets. It can be placed anywhere you have an electronic outlet. Click here to read more and to buy.

Alternatives For Bark Collars

Bark collars are a great way to control a dog that barks too much but they are not always an option. Say for example you have a neighbor who has a dog that barks too much. What to do about that?

The PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control Birdhouse is the answer you are looking for. This clever device detects a barking dog that is within 5o feet of it and then releases a safe ultrasonic sound that is not heard by people but by the barking dog. This sound works to stop the dog from parking.

It is a decorative device and can be hung from a fence, tree, or anywhere else outside that is near a barking dog. Click here to find out more and to order your’s today.

Pet Supplies For Your Small Pets

Finding quality pet supplies for your small pets such as rabbits does not have to be difficult. has a wide selection to offer. Just take a look at the assorted rabbit hutches available.

This Premium Plus Bunny Barn will have your beloved bunny jumping for joy as it lives in the lap of luxury. It has two floors to really give your rabbit room to live.

The top floor is a space that offers comfort with a nesting box and the bottom floor is basically an indoor pasture. The roof opens for easy access and the floor slides our for easy cleaning. You can even lock the door to keep out unwanted intruders.

It is made of Fir wood and sealed so that it is waterproof but it is also non-toxic. This is truly a special hutch for that truly special rabbit.