Radio Fence For Your Cat

Did you know that you can install a radio fence for your cat?

Many people already know that they are available for their dogs but it is also an effective way to safely expand the territory of your feline friend. As you probably already know cats love to roam and explore but it can be dangerous to allow them to roam outside on their own. Which is why many cat owners choose to keep their cats indoors. But cats need exercise and that is best down outside.

Thanks to PetSafe Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence your cat can now safely call your yard its playground. Thanks to many years of research and testing a safe and reliable underground fence was created  just for your cat. Using special technology, PetSafe developed a cat fence collar that fits your cat and provides the appropriate amount of correction to keep him safe and in your defined space. It is also a safety collar so you don’t have to worry about your cat getting hung up on a tree or branch.

It is safe and effective for cats 6 pounds and up. Click here for more information.

Advanced Pet Doors

Pet doors have come along way over the years. No more do you have to worry about unwelcome critters finding their way into your house. Thanks to advanced technology you can now give your pet what is equivalent to a key to your house.

The SmartDoor Electronic Pet Door allows your pet to come and go at will but keeps out any unwanted visitors. It does this by using a radio frequency that is unique to your pet’s collar to trigger an electronic lock that opens the flap on the door and lets your pet enter. And then when your pet is out of range the flap secures itself by locking back in place. And yes this works on more than one pet as you can have up to 5 SmartKeys in use at a time.

Here are the basic features:

Flap Opening Sizes:

Small: 6-5/8″ x 7-15/16″

Large: 13-1/16″ x 15-3/4″

3 programmable modes: Automatic, Locked and Unlocked

One programmed SmartKey and battery included

Easily program up to 5 SmartKeys with a touch of a button

Energy efficient, insulated flap with UV sun protection

Uses 4 D-cell batteries, not included

Low battery indicator

Fits door thickness 1 1/2″ to 2″

Click here to buy one today.

Dog Fences

Part of loving and caring for your dog is keeping them safe and secure. Sure you want them to be able to exercise and roam but that must have its limits in order to protect them. That is the role of the many types of dog fences that are available today.

There are many options to fit both your pet and your property. These easy to install pet containment systems include kennels, electric pet collars, in ground fences, and wireless invisible fences. It is even possible to protect certain areas of your home with interior pet barriers and mats.

Since you love your pet so much this is an ideal option over ties, leashes, and collars. It is not uncommon for pet owners to report they dog’s overall behavior changes for the better when they switched from a tied up system to a fence system. Your pet will want to be outside where they naturally belong. This is not the case when they must be tied to a tree or stake in the ground. Free roaming in controlled boundaries is the ideal way to go for you and your dog.

Bark Collars Help You Keep Peace In The Neighborhood

Dogs bark. It is a simple fact of life. But good dogs bark only when they truly need to communicate something. In order to train a dog you may need to use bark collars to get the results you are after.

A barking dog can come between you and a good night’s sleep. Or between you and the friendship of those who live around you. Especially true if you have a dog that seems to bark for no reason at all or when she is just bored. A bark control collar or device can train your dog that it is okay to only bark under certain conditions.

We have many to choose from and we are sure you’ll find one that will suit your breed and your needs. They have come along way over the years and the technology is quite fascinating. Simply put these devices monitor your dog’s bark and automatically let her know that she needs to not bark. Many pet owners experience a closer relationship with their furry friend once the stress of the constant barking has been dealt with.

Pet Supplies For The Pets You Love

We know you love your pets and want the very best pet supplies you can find to take care of them. That is why Radio Fence carries a huge assortment of supplies to take care of all your pet’s needs.

No matter if we are talking about dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, or small animals we’ve got you covered. And we are the oldest and largest authorized seller of PetSafe pet products.

Also if you find a lower price online we’ll match it. This way you know you are getting your products at the best possible price from the best possible retailer online. And you get them fast as most orders ship the same day. Free if the order is over $75.o0.

And our no questions asked money back guarantee means you’ll be satisfied or you won’t pay. Please take some time to browse our site and do some shopping for that special pet in your life.