Instant Radio Fence

The Instant Fence is one the easiest ways to have a radio fence for your dog because you do not need to deal with stakes, flags, or burying wires.  It is safe, portable, and completely wireless.

In fact the Petsafe Wireless Fence is the simplest way to contain a pet ever created. The wireless system sets up in mere minutes and can even be used while traveling or take it with you to a new home.

Through the use of a radio signal it creates a safe zone for your pet and if your pet attempts to leave the zone he will be safely and humanely corrected. The collar’s corrective response can be adjusted to meet you and your dog’s training needs. This product is unique to PetSafe.

It usually only take a few days for your pet to learn his boundary and stay safely within it. The safe zone can be adjusted from a a few feet to 180 foot diameter. If you need a larger area additional units for the system can be added to increase the safe zone.

When your beloved dog is able to roam free without being tied to a stake he is happier. And when your dog is happy, you are happy.

Pet Doors For Extreme Weather

Pet doors for extreme weather are for when you want to let your pet out but not let the cold in. Also ideal for extreme heat when you do not want to let out your home’s cool air.

A door like this has three flaps that work to separate your home from the outside while still giving your dog the ability to leave when she needs to. The energy efficiency is more than 3 times higher than standard dog doors.

It is easy to install and fits most standard doors. With an additional snap on weather guard you are able to add a layer of protection for weather such as storms and blizzards. So no matter how hot or how cold it gets where you live the PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door will keep the weather out of your house.

Playpens Can Be Great Dog Fences

Are you looking for dog fences for your small dog? Have you considered playpens?

The Deluxe Pop Up Playpen is a very versatile way to keep your furry friend safe indoors or out. Also very useful for picnics, road trips, or visits to your friends. Both you and your dog will be happy knowing that he or she can safely exercise without being tethered to a tree or stake in the ground.

This one has a floor mat that you can take out and wash along with a roof screen that you can leave on or take off depending on your needs. It also packs away nicely in a matching storage bag making it the ideal dog fence solution for your pet.

Small Bark Collars For Little Dogs

Ever notice how the littlest dogs can have the biggest barks? If you haven’t your neighbors and loved ones probably have. Thankful there is the PetSafe Spray Bark Collar For Small Dogs.

This amazing device has a patented sensor to provide a very reliable bark detection. It does this by using both sound and vibration sensors. This dual sensor system enables the collar to know what is a bark and what is an external noise.

Once a bark is detected a burst of spray is released that deters the dog from continuing to bark. This spray system is effective, painless, and safe. Many dog owners also report that the spray collars have a calming effect on their animals.

So end the tension with your furry little friend’s barking habit by getting yourself this spray collar designed just for little dogs.

Great Selection Of Pet Supplies

Searching the web for pet supplies? Well search no further. has a huge selection for your special friend and we know you’ll find just what you are looking for. They’ve got you covered if you are searching for your dog, cat, reptile, or even fish.

And not only do they have the supplies you need for your pet they have the best supplies available. All delivered with top notch customer service. Which is why so many people have come to count on them for taking care of their animals.

So head on over to and take a look around. You and your pet will be glad that you did!