10 Creative Summer Adventures You Should Have With Your Dog

Summer can be such an exciting time of year for everyone, but there are just some days when we sit back and wonder “what should we do today?” without a solution to our dilemma. Or maybe you feel guilty that you are having so much summer fun with your friends and family at the expense of leaving your dog home alone time after time. It is so fun to find dog-friendly things to do for the whole family! Seeing the excitement on your dog’s face when she realizes she gets to go along for the ride is worth all of the effort.

The Bark Post has published a list of 10 awesome summer activities that pet parents should do with their their dogs that will be fun for the whole family! Our favorite activities on the list include: paddle boarding, movies in the park, and biking. What are yours?

The Bark Post: 10 Creative Summer Adventures You Can Have With Your Dog